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Restaurant service



Offered tailored food and drink recommendations and leveraged upselling tactics to maximize payment and tip profits from every customer order. Averaged 20% higher payment amounts per order than rest of wait staff.

  • Greeted customers and delivered product recommendations and menu presentations upon being seated.
  • Took orders and ensured prompt service, including refills and additional requests, throughout the dining experience.
  • Brought over dessert menu towards end of visit to encourage additional service.
  • Leveraged customer service and interpersonal skills to ensure high-quality experiences with every order.

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Assisted customers with menu selection, answering questions on ingredients, meal preparation methods, and allergy safety. Approached guest tables frequently to ensure a satisfying dining experience and to assist with any issues. Tracked supply availability and collect payments with receipts.

  • Greeted and assisted customers in a 150-guest dining room event.
  • Memorized 20+ specials and described dishes to guests to ensure satisfaction with selections.
  • Advised customers on menu specials and meal ingredients, recommending specific menu items based on their dietary and allergy needs.
  • Recorded orders for food and beverages and entered all information into the cash register system for receipt issuance and transmittal to the kitchen.
  • Recommended specialty drinks, served customers a wide selection of wines, and kept the dining space clean by removing empty plates and glassware.

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Deliver bar service at bar connected to 5-star hotel establishment. Communicate with customers providing attentive and fast service. Restock bar and share product knowledge with new and frequent customers. Schedule and train new staff.

  • Brought in customers from hotel side by sharing advertising materials with room service providers who would leave marketing collateral in customer rooms.
  • Minimized prep time of mixed drinks by offering daily specials for quick prep drinks on busy nights.

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Oversaw excellent customer experiences and in-store execution of sales and promotions as directed by the store manager. Tracked and monitored inventory levels and prepared lists for ordering when stock ran low.

  • Brought artistry to the average customer interaction by creating and mastering unique foam designs that attracted a virtual following through social media output.
  • Participated in promotional events by demonstrating coffee artistry and sharing samples at local events, outside the store, and via social media posting management.

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Oversaw menu development and preparation standards for high-end local restaurant featuring delectable and unique food presentations. Directed kitchen operations and service for 50-tables including management of 8+ staff.

  • Revitalized luxury restaurant atmosphere with complete menu overhaul, generating 150% revenue increase and improvement from 8 to 4.6 stars local customer satisfaction rating.
  • Earned #1 restaurant ranking in “City’s Best Restaurant” annual contest during first year as Chef.
  • Reduced waste 50% and improved resource and inventory usage accuracy, reducing operational costs 25% within 30 days.

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Pastry chef


Managed and led kitchen for the popular bakery, floating between 2 of the 3 local chains. Ensured sanitation standards and established effective, compliant protocols for kitchen staff. Recruited and hired excellent kitchen crew additions to streamline workflows. Consulted with customers to build dream designs for private events.

  • Generated greater revenue by moving to a second local store 1 day a week and creating masterpieces that garnered custom commissions.
  • Improved production and efficiency by delegating kitchen staff to specific roles.

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Restaurant management

Restaurant manager


Oversaw delivery of exceptional dining experience to earn local business. Maintained low costs and turnover to generate greatest profit margins. Developed and executed daily management procedures including opening, closing, and cash handling. Analyzed customer consumer data and produced reports or evaluations supporting data-driven recommendations for improvement.

  • Used winning attitude and creative promotion development to meet or exceeded sales goals monthly.
  • Reduced waste 20% through expert application of forecasting and trend analysis.

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Restaurant supervisor


Hired to implement business acumen and experience within the restaurant industry to inspire staff to achieve quarterly sales goals and identify opportunities for potential expansion. Optimized profits and ensured that guests were completely satisfied with their dining experience.

  • Oversaw and managed all areas of the restaurant and helped the senior supervisor make decisions on matters related to creating great customer experiences.
  • Followed the restaurant’s service levels and standards and to increase revenue and reduce food, beverage, and labor costs.
  • Ensured that all financial, staff, and payroll related administrative duties and documents were accurately completed and maintained.
  • Maintained operational standards, restaurant policies and procedures, while adhering to all federal, state, and local laws, and ordinances.
  • Responded to guest complaints and took appropriate actions to turn dissatisfied patrons into repeat/return customers.

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Line cook


Worked on multiple areas of the kitchen, including sauté, fry, and grilling stations. Ensured high product quality at all times and maintained cooking standards in line with Restaurant Management specifications. Coached new line cooks on customer service best practices, leading to a 10% increase in client satisfaction.

  • Prepared ingredients and cooking supplies in advance and set up workstations ahead of time to maximize kitchen efficiency during peak hours.
  • Prepared specialty food items for weddings, banquets, and corporate events.
  • Maintained the kitchen environment clean and sanitary in addition to storing perishables safely, dating food containers, and inspecting for any expired food in the storage room.
  • Performed quality checks and routine maintenance of all kitchen equipment.
  • Trained new line cooks on how to follow menu orders, present plates for customers, and prepare ingredients in advance for more complex recipes.

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Prep cook


Measured and prepared ingredients, seasonings, and cooking stocks in support of the chef. Prepared and arranged simple dishes as directed, including appetizers, salads, and entrees. Ensured all kitchen areas were adequately cleaned and organized according to the restaurant’s sanitation and safety policies.

  • Inspected and maintained equipment, food inventory, and serving items, carrying and storing them for accessibility.
  • Cooked kitchen menu items under the direction of the head chef and in cooperation with the kitchen staff.
  • Answered, reported, and followed the staff’s direction concerning ingredient preparation and stock levels.
  • Ensured that food orders for each table came out simultaneously in high quality and in a timely fashion.
  • Performed regular checks to ensure the operation of the end adhered to the restaurant’s procedures and processes.

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Fast food

McDonalds crew member


Monitored designated day-to-day operations by the store manager, and organized and delegated duties for staff to align with company initiatives. Provided reports of work situations and responsibilities to scheduled shift staff and communicated information to incoming shift personnel as necessary.

  • Worked multi-hour cash register and drive-thru shifts, addressing customers’ unique needs, and ensuring food and drink orders were taken accurately.
  • Demonstrated exceptional oral and written communication skills with customers, and management to ensure efficient delivery of services.
  • Kept flexibility and attitude that enabled responsibilities and parameters to fit in areas not previously described in this role.
  • Hired, trained, and mentored new employees to take orders, work registers, take inventory, and direct customer complaints to crew chiefs as appropriate.
  • Maintained paperwork and communicated with the store manager and district managers to discuss local strategies.

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McDonalds crew member


Created an enjoyable and safe dining experience for families by ensuring that food and drink items were prepared above industry standards within a friendly and clean establishment. Worked the counter, drive-thru window, and grill areas in addition to cleaning the dining area and restocking supplies.

  • Took customer orders, answered questions about menu items, and suggested limited-time specials and meal deals.
  • Handled ingredients and prepared menu items according to customer special requests and specifications.
  • Assumed shift manager responsibilities, supervised a team of up to 12 employees, delegated tasks, and evaluated performance.
  • Trained new employees, guided their work responsibilities, and provided employee evaluation reports to the store manager.
  • Anticipated customer needs by constantly evaluating the environment and communicating observations to the store manager.

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Produced quality baked goods by hand and using machinery for accuracy and precision. Devoted a history of artistry to add signature styles to products. Measured and executed proper ingredients to eliminate waste and spoil of inventory.

  • Reduced the risk of injury by strategically placing PPE across kitchen for staff to easily find and use when navigating the kitchen.
  • Reduced spoilage 10% by altering inventory standards for on-hand volumes during specific seasons.

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Baked and delivered goods to up to 250 customers a day. Performed quality checks on each finished product and ensured baked goods were packaged and labeled according to sanitation standards. Developed new recipes and create custom orders for clients with special dietary needs.

  • Prepared a variety of baked goods, including cookies, sweet rolls, traditional bread, and pastries.
  • Reduced ingredient waste by 10% by reorganizing inventory stocks, simplifying ingredients lists for each baked good, and outlining new recipe plans.
  • Supervised a team of 4 bakers ensuring work areas were properly sanitized, baked goods passed the quality check, and all machines were operated according to safety standards.
  • Recreated cakes and desserts based on clients’ requests, rolling fondant, building shapes with plungers and cutouts, and molding dough.
  • Trained 5 junior bakers in various baking techniques and machine operations, including slicing machines, ovens, and fondant cutters.

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Delivered customer service with discretion and accuracy to produce smooth event operations. Observed high-end catering delivery etiquette to preserve the atmosphere of events based on the customer requirements. Validated identification for age-restricted products and held to compliance standards across the board.

  • Collaborated with managers and co-staff to execute 3-5 events per week serving up to 500 people at events of various style.
  • Earned annual “Best Caterer” award two years in a row.

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Banquet server


Created warm, welcoming environments through flawless etiquette at high-end events. Provided prompt and accurate service delivery, collaborating with kitchen and wait staff to ensure orders were filled. Ensured satisfaction of guests with regular follow-ups and shared specific menu information and recommendations. Adhere to quality standards and food and safety regulations.

  • Earned reputation for anticipating needs of customers and guests and accurately delivering food and beverage service.

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All job titles Assistant restaurant manager Baker Banquet server Bar manager Barback Barista Bartender Busser Caterer Catering manager Chef Dishwasher Executive chef Fast food manager Fast food worker Food delivery driver Kitchen manager Line cook McDonalds crew member Pastry chef Pizza delivery driver Prep cook Restaurant manager Restaurant supervisor Sous chef Waiter Waitress

Objectives and summaries

Summary examples

Restaurant service

Attentive, reliable, and self-motivated waitress with experience serving customers in food service and excellent customer service skills. Supportive and collaborative team player with attention to detail, passion for helping others, and ability to work well under pressure to maintain positive customer experiences and complete daily tasks. Proactive problem solver with excellent critical thinking skills.

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Attentive, reliable, and customer-oriented bartender with experience taking orders and interacting with customers in a high-volume and unpredictable restaurant environment. Confident and proficient team player with excellent problem solving, decision making, and communication skills. Energetic, determined, and innovative problem solver who brings critical thinking and multitasking skills to the table.

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Highly organized with a willingness to follow orders from the head chef while remaining calm, flexible, and focused in urgently paced and demanding environments. Demonstrates superb interpersonal skills and proficiency in building and maintaining relationships with coworkers of all levels and backgrounds. Flexible and able to perform tasks with minimum to no supervision while encouraging efficient workflow and productivity.

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Restaurant management

Dedicated, ambitious, and self-motivated restaurant manager with 5 years’ assistant managerial experience and excellent customer service skills. Professional, composed, and reliable shift leader with strong interpersonal skills, flexibility in the face of busy operations and shifting priorities, and passion for process improvement. Collaborative customer relations expert with successful track record of overseeing dining area maintenance and leading promotional events.

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A passionate and energetic line cook with exceptional food handling knowledge and the ability to multitask in a high-volume, fast-paced work environment. Dedicated to learning new skills while assisting the team in all necessary tasks with a positive attitude and open mind. Eager to improve the efficiency of the organization while maintaining productive working relationships with supervisors, staff, and customers.

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Fast food

Flexible, honest, and punctual, with the ability to stay calm and focused in fast-paced, stressful situations with changing priorities. Demonstrated strengths in customer service with exceptional communication skills. Team player and multi-tasker that is willing to take on new responsibilities and face challenges head-on. Highly trusted for work ethic, hands-on approach, and ability to get the job done.

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An energetic baker with strong time management and a fine eye for detail. Able to quickly grasp new recipes, understand ingredient requirements, and knowledgeable of sanitation standards and basic food safety requirements. Aspiring to become an expert in baking cakes, pastries, and sweets that will satisfy customers and bring recognition to the company.

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Skilled catering professional with extensive knowledge of event organization, management of logistics, and communication with event managers and outside vendors. Manages licensing requirements, event schedules, and compliance issues to effect seamless service delivery.

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Objective examples

Restaurant service

Ambitious and self-driven waitress eager to leverage customer service skills to obtain a food service industry position with long-term opportunities. Adaptable and understanding team player looking to join a supportive and welcoming team.

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Communicative and customer-oriented bartender with 5 years’ experience and relevant drink mixing skills eager to join an innovative and friendly team with room for personal and professional growth. Adaptable professional touting proven track record of high-quality customer service skills.

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Certified Culinary Arts Professional seeking a role to apply skills and methods to develop a solid customer base and business success in the restaurant industry. Ability to work as part of a team in fast-paced and high-traffic environments.

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Restaurant management

Self-motivated and detail-oriented restaurant manager seeking greater opportunities to leverage team leadership experience to pursue business development and growth goals. Hands-on and supportive coordinator eager to obtain a role with increased responsibilities and room for professional growth.

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Attentive food service professional with extensive knowledge about kitchen operations, cooking equipment, and meal preparation styles. Looking to join an energetic team of cooks, provide outstanding customer service and increase the restaurant’s reputation through fast and attentive service.

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Fast food

Energetic, team-oriented restaurant crew member with 4+ years in the fast-food industry seeking a position to join an organization that employs like-minded professionals with the skills and desire to grow and bring the best possible experience to its customers.

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Creative individual with a passion for baking and dessert decoration. Demonstrated excellent communication skills and able to quickly interpret recipes. Looking to become a renowned baker and an expert in international pastry, to increase my customer base and achieve long-term customer loyalty.

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Highly-motivated event planner seeking a rewarding opportunity to work with a catering company that promotes dedication and commitment toward creating unique, unforgettable experiences for clients. Demonstrates exceptional abilities to multi-task, prioritize, and problem-solve in high-stress, fast-paced environments.

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