Restaurant supervisor

Restaurant supervisor
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Restaurant supervisor
Restaurant supervisor
Resume examples

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Restaurant supervisor


Hired to implement business acumen and experience within the restaurant industry to inspire staff to achieve quarterly sales goals and identify opportunities for potential expansion. Optimized profits and ensured that guests were completely satisfied with their dining experience.

  • Oversaw and managed all areas of the restaurant and helped the senior supervisor make decisions on matters related to creating great customer experiences.
  • Followed the restaurant’s service levels and standards and to increase revenue and reduce food, beverage, and labor costs.
  • Ensured that all financial, staff, and payroll related administrative duties and documents were accurately completed and maintained.
  • Maintained operational standards, restaurant policies and procedures, while adhering to all federal, state, and local laws, and ordinances.
  • Responded to guest complaints and took appropriate actions to turn dissatisfied patrons into repeat/return customers.

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Restaurant supervisor

Entry level

Under the guidance of the senior restaurant supervisor, managed the daily operations of a high-scale and highly-rated fine dining restaurant, including the selection, development, and evaluation of 15 – 20 employees in addition to overseeing the inventory of food and supplies.

  • Demonstrated exceptional sanitation practices for handling food, cleaning cooking and dining areas and ensured compliance with restaurant policies and standards.
  • Helped to maintain the restaurant’s professional and positive image with the community, consistently analyzing reviews and correcting sub-standard performance.
  • Estimated the restaurant’s needs for food ingredients and supplies, placed orders with vendors, and scheduled deliveries.
  • Ensured a safe working environment to reduce the risk of injury, and completed accident reports quickly and efficiently.
  • Created and maintained an up-to-date and accurate summary of restaurant staffing needs to ensure there was no employee shortage and all shifts were fully covered.

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Restaurant supervisor


Oversaw general operations and compliance of three regional restaurants. Carried out timely communications to solve complex issues across locations. Gathers regional statistics and performed in-depth analysis to develop recommendations for all establishments under the brand or individual franchises. Completed performance analyses for Restaurant Managers and approved new promotions or partnerships with local businesses.

  • Incentivized restaurant success through competitions between all locations under jurisdiction.
  • Reduced waste through blanket policies and inventory tracking and maintenance training.

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