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Bartending resume examples
Experience level



Effectively communicated with bartenders, bussers, and bar managers to ensure efficient and effective workflow during all shifts. Maintained and restocked inventory, and poured wines and tap beers as directed by the bartender. Washed glasses, cut & prepared garnishes, and disposed of trash as needed.

  • Consistently monitor and walked throughout the bar, outdoor areas, and bathrooms to ensure cleanliness and hazard-free spaces.
  • Ensured the bar was fully stocked with everything needed to run efficiently, including glasses, drinks, napkins, coasters, straws, and snacks.
  • Prepared mixers, juices, and cocktail garnishes and informed the bartender and necessary staff when supplies were running low.
  • Assisted with designated bar opening and closing procedures, including wiping down areas, sweeping and mopping, and arranging tables, chairs, and stools.
  • Accepted deliveries, ensured shipments were accurate, helped unload crates and boxes, and arranged the stock room.

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Entry level

Stocked and refilled drink ingredients, napkins and straws, alcoholic beverages, condiments, snacks, and ice as directed by the bartenders at a high-traffic sports restaurant and bar. Helped to maintain an organized and clean working environment according to city, state, and federal rules and regulations.

  • Consistently checked bar stocks and refilled items as necessary while backing up the bartender to pour tap beer and wine.
  • Maintained a clean bar area, including sweeping or mopping the floor, changing bar mats, and wiping down counters.
  • Dealt with emergencies, including cleaning up liquid spills and broken glasses as well as unclogging drains and handling water overflows.
  • Cleared empty glasses and replenished supplies to ensure the bartender had the right size and style available for a variety of drinks.
  • Coordinated with bartenders, security staff, and kitchen staff to ensure efficient service and health for bar patrons.

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