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Catering resume examples
Experience level



Delivered customer service with discretion and accuracy to produce smooth event operations. Observed high-end catering delivery etiquette to preserve the atmosphere of events based on the customer requirements. Validated identification for age-restricted products and held to compliance standards across the board.

  • Collaborated with managers and co-staff to execute 3-5 events per week serving up to 500 people at events of various style.
  • Earned annual “Best Caterer” award two years in a row.

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Entry level

Shopped for and ordered food ingredients and supplies as directed by the catering manager. Set up equipment to cook, heat, and serve food while preserving its temperature. Assisted with print and online media advertising activities to grow brand awareness and develop new business.

  • Prepared and stored food ingredients before and during events according to the head caterer’s directions and assignments.
  • Setup, cleaned, and took down the dining and serving areas by removing all tableware, linens, furniture, and garbage.
  • Prepared meals according to client requests and recipes provided and maintained consistency with the company’s brand and reputation.
  • Supported the kitchen staff before scheduled events by operating the fryer, grill, and ovens as needed.
  • Met with and assisted catering manager to create menus according to the clients’ preferences, dislikes, and dietary needs.

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Demonstrated exceptional negotiation and customer service abilities with vendors, contractors, venue managers, and clients. Assumed and maintained a complete understanding of safe food handling policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Reviewed all food orders before packaging and transporting them to event locations to ensure they met the standards of quality of the company.
  • Inspected and assisted with event planning and set up, provided on-site solutions to any issues, and helped with cleanup.
  • Maintained catering staff and guest focus while performing varying tasks and responsibilities at planned events.
  • Trained new hires to effectively and efficiently conduct all assigned tasks while demonstrating respect and loyalty to the entire team.
  • Constantly demonstrated high integrity and a positive attitude while exhibiting a high level of enthusiasm when interacting with guests.

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