Fast food worker

Fast food worker
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Fast food worker
Fast food worker
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Fast food worker

Entry level

Ensured the freshness of ingredients and food before and after food preparation. Double-checked all orders to assure customer special requests were met before delivering meals to guests. Worked a variety of shifts throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, overnight, and holidays.

  • Greeted and served guests while maintaining a cheerful and helpful attitude explaining menu items and assisting with meal preparation.
  • Utilized electronic system and point of sale register to accurately take orders and calculate the amount of the bill.
  • Reconciled cash register before and after each shift to ensure accuracy and immediately reported irregularities to shift supervisor.
  • Ensured that all customers received high-quality products promptly and at ideal temperatures according to the restaurant’s standards.
  • Worked all front and back-end stations productively and accurately, ensuring spaces were cleaned and adequately stocked for guests and coworkers.

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Fast food worker


Prepared a limited selection of menu items, cooked and packaged meals, cleaned kitchen and dining areas, and restocked ingredients and condiments as necessary. Demonstrated full comprehension of food and drink orders to correctly prepare meals and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Upheld the restaurant’s mission to provide each restaurant patron with a great experience as a member of the front-of-house team.
  • Directed by the restaurant manager to train new hires to accurately function POS and credit card transactions.
  • Ensured that patrons were served quickly, efficiently, and accurately in a pleasant manner and resolved problems/issues as necessary.
  • Trained new employees on restaurant, local, state, and federal health and safety ordinances while demonstrating compliance.
  • Supported numerous areas of the restaurant as needed including setup, cleanup, food prep, and equipment maintenance.

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Fast food worker


Oversaw customer service and food preparation for high-volume fast-casual food chain. Led rapid, accurate service delivery as part of small, efficiency-focused teams. Generated ideas to improve processes and customer experience as well as encourage teams to perform to higher standards.

  • Raised overall Google rating from 3.5 to 4.2 stars by soliciting reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Introduced scheduling app to the manager which streamlined staff scheduling and leave requests.
  • Improved vendor deliveries by volunteering to unload trucks, creating less interruption of services.

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