Combination resume

As the name implies, a combination resume format pulls concepts from both chronological and functional formats. It has grown in popularity in recent years, but chronological is still the most common. So, combination resumes should be used tactfully.

What is a combination resume?

This resume format still has a work experience section with jobs listed in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest), just like the chronological format. However, it also has a prominent skills section with examples. This skills section is not as robust as the functional format, but it summarizes key competencies.

Make sure to use the skills section carefully. Listing general skills and competencies like “leadership” or “time management” without explanation will hurt rather than help you in the combination format.

When to use a combination resume?

The combination resume is ideal for professionals who have 20+ years of experience, or 10+ jobs. The combination resume allows you to highlight relevant skills before an employer combs through your extensive experience. You can also summarize skills across jobs (ex. Worked with over 400 clients throughout career).

This format is also a good option for professionals whose most recent jobs are not terribly relevant. It allows you to pull more relevant skills to the top but still provides the reverse chronological work summary that employers are accustomed to seeing.

Combination resume format

After contact information and an objective/summary (if used) you’ll list the skills section first. You want to highlight around 3 relevant skills with brief explanations/examples. The work experience section comes next, followed by education. Any other sections (i.e. activities/hobbies/interests, trainings) are recommended as they match your profile.

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