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Restaurant service resume examples
Experience level


Entry level

Increased restaurant overall sales revenue by building and maintaining impactful customer relationships. Leveraged relations to ensure repeat guests and ensure brand loyalty.

  • Communicated with customers before, during, and after their meals to establish repertoire.
  • Utilized interpersonal and problem solving skills to resolve issues and provide optimal customer service.
  • Offered recommendations and conducted frequent check-ins.
  • Petitioned customers to come back and request me by name for a guaranteed positive dining experience.

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Offered tailored food and drink recommendations and leveraged upselling tactics to maximize payment and tip profits from every customer order. Averaged 20% higher payment amounts per order than rest of wait staff.

  • Greeted customers and delivered product recommendations and menu presentations upon being seated.
  • Took orders and ensured prompt service, including refills and additional requests, throughout the dining experience.
  • Brought over dessert menu towards end of visit to encourage additional service.
  • Leveraged customer service and interpersonal skills to ensure high-quality experiences with every order.

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Oversees stellar customer satisfaction by anticipating and proactively meeting customer needs before they arise. Learns regular customer needs and fills in for bartenders and scheduling lead. Mentored new servers and brought solutions to improve service efficiency and speed.

  • Brought $7k in additional monthly revenue by working new open shift hours after expanding overall business hours.
  • Created new server guide to specialty menu items that increased server awareness and improved table service speed.

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Entry level

Provided excellent customer service tailored to meet individual customer needs and received 100% positive feedback scores in customer surveys over 6-month period. Leveraged interpersonal and relationship building skills to ensure positive experiences.

  • Greeted every customer warmly as they entered the dining room area.
  • Made sure to conduct frequent check-ins on tables throughout their dining experience.
  • Provided prompt drink refills and dessert recommendations.
  • Made an effort to chat with every table and initiate engaging repertoire.

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Entry level

Increased overall restaurant efficiency by collaborating with wait staff to coordinate closing tasks. Finalized efficient plans and reduced after hours work times by 30%.

  • Partnered with fellow waiters and waitresses to determine all necessary closing responsibilities.
  • Volunteered to draft alternating daily and weekly task schedules.
  • Implemented task list and ensured continued adherence to it over time.
  • Worked to complete responsibilities and help others with their tasks to ensure quicker closing times.

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Undertook additional cleaning and dining room maintenance responsibilities during downtime to support restaurant operations and ensure top grading results from surprise food inspector visits.

  • Partnered with supervisors and diner management to determine cleanliness and presentation requirements.
  • Outlined deep cleaning and dining room maintenance tasks to be completed alongside daily responsibilities.
  • Collaborated with serving staff to delegate additional tasks to ensure 100% audit completion scores.

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Entry level

Brings excellent customer service to local patrons by meeting standards for service delivery. Offers friendly and approachable attitude to encourage positive experiences. Volunteers to assist other staff and kitchen team with food prep and cleaning or work surface maintenance whenever possible.

  • Generated repeat customers that brought consistent $800 per month in additional bill totals.
  • Co-created a table turn-over and sanitation process that reduced wait times for new customers by up to 10 minutes.

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Spearheaded training initiatives for 20+ new hires and transfers over 2-year timeframe. Balanced leadership and customer service skills to drive dining room management experience while meeting nightly goals.

  • Developed and implemented hands-on mentorship plan to train new waiters and waitresses over 3-week periods.
  • Provided guided menu presentations, customer engagement guidelines, and conflict resolution best practices.
  • Monitored trainee efforts to multitask customer service and daily restaurant task lists.
  • Tracked mentee performances and gave reports and recommendations to management following completion of training program.

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