Food delivery driver

Food delivery driver
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Food delivery driver
Food delivery driver
Resume examples

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Food delivery driver

Entry level

Maintained a flexible schedule to work mornings, afternoons, and nights delivering grocery and meal orders for customers within local neighborhoods. Maintained personal vehicle ensuring safe and on-time driving and presentation that represented the company’s brand and standards.

  • Picked up a variety of food orders from restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor stores and ensured all items were delivered intact.
  • Utilized and troubleshot ordering and navigation mobile applications to track orders, location, and delivery times.
  • Communicated with customers throughout the order process when needed to ensure satisfactory services.
  • Utilized customer service skills to gather information and provide service feedback to the company.
  • Tracked, organized, and delivered multiple orders on time by carefully mapping routes to ensure customers’ orders were accurate.

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Food delivery driver


Delivers end-to-end customer service from order to doorstep delivery. Aids kitchen prep staff and fills in during staff shortages. Offers positive attitude and flexibility to ensure smooth operations and motivate team members.

  • Brought down overall delivery time from 20 to 15 minutes by implementing car inspection system that ensured tanks were full and drivers were prepared to go at all times.
  • Created workflow checklist that improved accuracy of and prep time for orders.

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Food delivery driver

Entry level

Loaded, transported, and delivered food and drink items to businesses in a safe and timely manner. Built relationships with businesses and often sold new products and services upon delivery, providing excellent customer service, answering questions, and reporting/handling complaints.

  • Reviewed shipping orders before and after delivery to ensure shipments were complete, charges were accurate, and businesses were satisfied.
  • Ensured safe and courteous driving and careful loading and unloading in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, and snow.
  • Conducted routine vehicle maintenance checks to ensure products could be loaded, unloaded, and stored without damage.
  • Reported the need for vehicle maintenance to the immediate supervisor to ensure alternative delivery strategies and plans were applied.
  • Adhered to assigned food delivery routes, followed time schedules, and reported road hazards, delays, and detours to the company dispatcher for rerouting.

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