Prep cook

Prep cook
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Prep cook
Prep cook
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Cook resume examples
Experience level

Prep cook

Entry level

Supported kitchen staff in preparing ingredients and meals, labeling and organizing food items, chopping and storing ingredients, and cleaning up workstations before and after each shift. Completed all responsibilities and duties in order as assigned by the head chef and kitchen supervisor.

  • Distributed plates to head chef and serving staff, prepared plates for dishwashing, and packaged food orders for takeaway.
  • Prepared drinks, cocktails, and a variety of beverages according to the head chef’s direction and requirements.
  • Maintained a clean and sanitary kitchen environment at all times by sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down counters, and taking out the trash.
  • Proactively learned about a variety of cooking techniques and methods applied to different dishes as directed by the head chef.
  • Set up kitchen workstations and arranged ingredients so meals could be prepared according to recipes.

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Prep cook


Measured and prepared ingredients, seasonings, and cooking stocks in support of the chef. Prepared and arranged simple dishes as directed, including appetizers, salads, and entrees. Ensured all kitchen areas were adequately cleaned and organized according to the restaurant’s sanitation and safety policies.

  • Inspected and maintained equipment, food inventory, and serving items, carrying and storing them for accessibility.
  • Cooked kitchen menu items under the direction of the head chef and in cooperation with the kitchen staff.
  • Answered, reported, and followed the staff’s direction concerning ingredient preparation and stock levels.
  • Ensured that food orders for each table came out simultaneously in high quality and in a timely fashion.
  • Performed regular checks to ensure the operation of the end adhered to the restaurant’s procedures and processes.

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Prep cook


Precisely and accurately prepared entrée and appetizer ingredients to maximize efficiency and inventory product yield. Managed and tracked ingredients and rotate stock to reduce seasonal food costs and reduce spoilage. Measured and regulated kitchen equipment and usage to ensure proper cooking time and temperatures. Cross-checked chefs to increase accuracy of food preparation.

  • Improved the product yield 20% by proposing “build your own salad” option that reduced use of unconsumed ingredients.

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