Kitchen manager

Kitchen manager
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Kitchen manager
Kitchen manager
Resume examples

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Kitchen manager

Entry level

Hired to manage restaurant kitchen inventories to ensure all necessary ingredients and supplies were adequately stocked for service. Recruited and hired new staff and provided one-on-one training and mentorship as necessary to facilitate and encourage quick acclimation to the restaurant’s culture.

  • Managed kitchen staff and coordinated food orders, supervising meal preparation, checking food temperature and plate arrangement.
  • Updated policies and procedures to streamline kitchen workflow and improve prompt delivery of services.
  • Created training manuals to encourage productivity in the kitchen among all staff, resulting in greater retention.
  • Developed and maintained schedules for all kitchen staff and recommended increased staff levels for peak hours or months.
  • Set regular cleaning and safety standards for the kitchen staff according to restaurant, local, state, and federal regulations.

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Kitchen manager


Ensures smooth operations and kitchen safety compliance through meticulous attention to detail and hands-on leadership approach. Creates and adjusts work schedules in accordance with volume trends and coordinates itineraries and schedules with front-of-house staff. Uses culinary arts background to recruit and hire excellent kitchen staff including crew and chefs.

  • Reduced turnover by improving training and creating harmonious staff relations between front- and back-of-house.
  • Saved $5,000 on equipment replacement by locating restoration and maintenance company for discounted service.

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Kitchen manager


Proposed and promoted restaurant loyalty programs to increase customer base and encourage repeat business during an unstable regional economy. Developed a top-notch employee rewards program to encourage retention of talented kitchen staff and reduce recruitment costs.

  • Expedited ordering processes to ensure cooking staff would have the appropriate amount of fresh ingredients each day.
  • Recommended upgrades to the kitchen appliances and equipment, facilitating cooking processes and reducing preparation time.
  • Reduced human resource costs by creating and suggesting improved onboarding, training, and succession planning.
  • Saved the restaurant $55,000 annually by streamlining ordering processes, reducing food waste, and optimizing staff schedules and responsibilities.
  • Delivered a 25% reduction in customer complaints by speeding up food preparation and delivery times.

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