Bar manager

Bar manager
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Bar manager
Bar manager
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Bartending resume examples
Experience level

Bar manager

Entry level

Hired to assume responsibilities of outgoing bar manager for a small-scale bar with six employees, streamlined staff schedule system, rearranged shift responsibilities, and updated date entry procedures, while maintaining employee and customer trust during the management transition.

  • Oversaw bar operations, creating a clean, entertaining, and safe environment for customers to relax.
  • Greeted customers, answered questions about the drink menu, and resolved customer/ employee complaints.
  • Created staff shift schedules and assigned responsibilities to ensure the bar operated efficiently during peak and non-peak hours.
  • Collected and accurately entered data for inventory, purchases, payments, and payroll, and created reports for the bar owner.
  • Maintained staff calendars, including paid time off and sick days, and contacted staff when coverage was necessary.

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Bar manager


Oversaw staff training and development for popular local lounge and bar. Recruited, hired, and trained staff, ensuring consistent support for a well-trained hospitality team. Tracked and analyzed client data and trends to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

  • Revitalized bar menu with greater product variety and updated design to incorporate new branding model passed down from ownership.
  • Developed promotional and seasonal offerings based on tracking and evaluation of bar traffic and demographics.

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Bar manager


Enthusiastic leader capable of developing strong working relationships with people at all levels and from diverse background, including management, staff, and the public to create unique and memorable experiences that drive sales. Provide a valuable blend of leadership, analytical, and marketing skills that combine efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive market.

  • Automated billing procedures to reduce financial discrepancies, facilitate purchases, process payroll, and remit vendor payments.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained new bar staff, including bussers, bartenders, hosts, and servers, and conducted period evaluations of their performance.
  • Maintained liquor license and ensured bar staff followed local safety requirements and regulations.
  • Developed and advertised the daily, weekly, and monthly drink and event promotions to coincide with holidays and sporting events.
  • Researched, sampled, and selected new alcoholic products, and negotiated prices with distributors based on inventory needs.

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Bar manager


Unparalleled track record of strategic visioning and planning leading to multi-thousand dollar revenue growth for high-end restaurants and bars over 15+ years in the industry. Excels in building relationships with community stakeholders, public relations managers, celebrities, and more to create unique experiences that set businesses apart from the competition.

  • Developed operating policies and procedures in ever-changing environments and provided support in other areas to maintain the integrity of the business.
  • Researched local competitors and developed new marketing strategies involving specialized custom drinks and promotions.
  • Revamped employee training program to improve performance, drive sales, and grow customer base to ensure weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals were met.
  • Initiated an employee rewards system that motivated them to assume greater responsibilities and seek advancement within our establishment.
  • Reduced expenses by negotiating contracts with existing and sought new vendors that could keep our costs below the norm.

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