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Bartending resume examples
Experience level


Entry level

Assisted an average of 50+ customers within 1-hour period during exceptionally busy breakfast rush. Handled complex orders and maintained café work area cleanliness throughout.

  • Ensured accuracy when taking and delivering beverage orders.
  • Leveraged organization skills to keep orders segmented and paired with the proper customer during high-volume time periods.
  • Collaborated with café employees to deliver orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Utilized downtime to tackle additional responsibilities such as cleaning and restocking products.

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Oversaw excellent customer experiences and in-store execution of sales and promotions as directed by the store manager. Tracked and monitored inventory levels and prepared lists for ordering when stock ran low.

  • Brought artistry to the average customer interaction by creating and mastering unique foam designs that attracted a virtual following through social media output.
  • Participated in promotional events by demonstrating coffee artistry and sharing samples at local events, outside the store, and via social media posting management.

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Ensure consistent workflow and service offerings to guests by assisting bartender and cocktail servers where needed. Create environment of efficiency by facilitating clean work areas and cross-checking the bar orders. Maintain sanitation of the facility, complying with standards from the local and state Health Department.

  • Updated workflows to ensure 15% greater accuracy in drink order delivery for larger parties.
  • Trained new barbacks on products, standards, and procedures to ensure greatest success of customer service delivery.

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Entry level

Achieved and maintained 90%+ guest satisfaction score over 2-year timeframe. Cultivated positive relationships throughout entire time working for Starbucks café.

  • Practiced accuracy while inputting orders via POS system.
  • Communicated with customers on a daily basis.
  • Went the extra mile to remember regular customers’ orders and preferences.
  • Partnered with leadership to resolve issues or answer questions as needed.

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Demonstrate adept service skill and product knowledge through expert delivery of customer-requested beverages and café items. Sanitized preparation areas and followed all rules for company and local regulatory compliance. Monitored inventory levels.

  • Mastered 100+ café beverage combinations, completing up to 200 orders per day.
  • Promoted special store items or promotional events and products to upsell and boost average customer spend by at least $5 per customer.
  • Won “Employee of the Month” three times in one year.

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Streamlined onboarding process and reduced training program times by 50% with newly developed and implemented mentorship program. Worked with individual trainees to provide hands-on experience.

  • Assessed existing training procedures.
  • Devised improved process including increased opportunities to “learn by doing.”
  • Presented revised workflow to restaurant leadership for approval.
  • Led training program as lead mentor and subject matter expert (SME), teaching new hires and transfers alike.

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