McDonalds crew member

McDonalds crew member
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McDonalds crew member
McDonalds crew member
Resume examples

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McDonalds crew member

Entry level

Assisted customers at the indoor counter and driver through stations, worked cashiers, checked orders, and relayed orders to cooks. Worked kitchen areas to prepare meals, stock ingredients, and package materials.

  • Conducted accurate sales transactions in-store and on drive-thru shifts in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Greeted customers and answered their questions about menu items, specialty items, promotions, and combinations.
  • Cooked full line of menu items and specialty items, ensuring health and safety standards were met and reporting potential hazards or violations to the crew chief.
  • Cleaned assigned work areas, dining tables, and serving counters meeting establish quality standards.
  • Replenished and stocked service stations, cabinets, and tables, and followed safety protocols to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.

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McDonalds crew member


Monitored designated day-to-day operations by the store manager, and organized and delegated duties for staff to align with company initiatives. Provided reports of work situations and responsibilities to scheduled shift staff and communicated information to incoming shift personnel as necessary.

  • Worked multi-hour cash register and drive-thru shifts, addressing customers’ unique needs, and ensuring food and drink orders were taken accurately.
  • Demonstrated exceptional oral and written communication skills with customers, and management to ensure efficient delivery of services.
  • Kept flexibility and attitude that enabled responsibilities and parameters to fit in areas not previously described in this role.
  • Hired, trained, and mentored new employees to take orders, work registers, take inventory, and direct customer complaints to crew chiefs as appropriate.
  • Maintained paperwork and communicated with the store manager and district managers to discuss local strategies.

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McDonalds crew member


Created an enjoyable and safe dining experience for families by ensuring that food and drink items were prepared above industry standards within a friendly and clean establishment. Worked the counter, drive-thru window, and grill areas in addition to cleaning the dining area and restocking supplies.

  • Took customer orders, answered questions about menu items, and suggested limited-time specials and meal deals.
  • Handled ingredients and prepared menu items according to customer special requests and specifications.
  • Assumed shift manager responsibilities, supervised a team of up to 12 employees, delegated tasks, and evaluated performance.
  • Trained new employees, guided their work responsibilities, and provided employee evaluation reports to the store manager.
  • Anticipated customer needs by constantly evaluating the environment and communicating observations to the store manager.

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McDonalds crew member


Oversaw accurate preparation and service process for popular fast-casual food chain. Delivered support to all staff members and took on additional responsibility where required to see customers satisfied. Handled issues and escalations with proper communication under stressful circumstances.

  • Dropped customer complaints from 5 to 1 per month by using appropriate de-escalation techniques.
  • Implemented schedule display chart for staff that decreased missed shifts by 50%.
  • Created a system for back-end workers to track low inventory items before they ran out.

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