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Experience level


Entry level

Weighed and mixed ingredients to make biscuits, bread, cookies, and various custom orders. Tracked inventory stock and ensured all supplies were available in the baking area at the beginning of each workday. Sanitized workspaces before and after every baking session and helped with cake decorations.

  • Assisted the head baker with preparing and mixing ingredients for bread, cakes, and rolls according to specified instructions.
  • Set up ovens and other baking equipment by adjusting the required heat based on each item to be baked. Placed baked goods on cooling racks before decoration.
  • Helped staff with packing and labeling baked items and placing them in the frontend display areas for customers to view.
  • Maintained the baking area clean and sanitized daily and after every batch preparation.
  • Decorated cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations based on clients’ requests.

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Produced quality baked goods by hand and using machinery for accuracy and precision. Devoted a history of artistry to add signature styles to products. Measured and executed proper ingredients to eliminate waste and spoil of inventory.

  • Reduced the risk of injury by strategically placing PPE across kitchen for staff to easily find and use when navigating the kitchen.
  • Reduced spoilage 10% by altering inventory standards for on-hand volumes during specific seasons.

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Baked and delivered goods to up to 250 customers a day. Performed quality checks on each finished product and ensured baked goods were packaged and labeled according to sanitation standards. Developed new recipes and create custom orders for clients with special dietary needs.

  • Prepared a variety of baked goods, including cookies, sweet rolls, traditional bread, and pastries.
  • Reduced ingredient waste by 10% by reorganizing inventory stocks, simplifying ingredients lists for each baked good, and outlining new recipe plans.
  • Supervised a team of 4 bakers ensuring work areas were properly sanitized, baked goods passed the quality check, and all machines were operated according to safety standards.
  • Recreated cakes and desserts based on clients’ requests, rolling fondant, building shapes with plungers and cutouts, and molding dough.
  • Trained 5 junior bakers in various baking techniques and machine operations, including slicing machines, ovens, and fondant cutters.

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Managed daily kitchen production for internationally known local bakery. Mastered baking, shaping, and finishing of various types of breads and pastries. Maintained bakery equipment, troubleshooting, fixing, and coordinating with vendors to purchase or improve kitchen tools. Limited waste and spoilage through proper portion control and stock rotation.

  • Reduced waste 15% by altering standard bread loaf size.
  • Increased price per product by $1.50 with rebranding and new packaging design, improving profits by $0.75 per item.

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