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Entry level

Maximized nightly profits by providing top quality customer service to repeat customers. Established and maintained friendly relationship to bolster customer experience.

  • Interacted with every customer as they approached the bar.
  • Took and keyed in food and drink orders within a timely fashion.
  • Monitored customer experiences while multitasking to complete bar management and cleanliness tasks.
  • Established and maintained friendly and inviting repertoire with repeat customers.

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Entry level

Assisted an average of 50+ customers within 1-hour period during exceptionally busy breakfast rush. Handled complex orders and maintained café work area cleanliness throughout.

  • Ensured accuracy when taking and delivering beverage orders.
  • Leveraged organization skills to keep orders segmented and paired with the proper customer during high-volume time periods.
  • Collaborated with café employees to deliver orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Utilized downtime to tackle additional responsibilities such as cleaning and restocking products.

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Bar manager

Entry level

Hired to assume responsibilities of outgoing bar manager for a small-scale bar with six employees, streamlined staff schedule system, rearranged shift responsibilities, and updated date entry procedures, while maintaining employee and customer trust during the management transition.

  • Oversaw bar operations, creating a clean, entertaining, and safe environment for customers to relax.
  • Greeted customers, answered questions about the drink menu, and resolved customer/ employee complaints.
  • Created staff shift schedules and assigned responsibilities to ensure the bar operated efficiently during peak and non-peak hours.
  • Collected and accurately entered data for inventory, purchases, payments, and payroll, and created reports for the bar owner.
  • Maintained staff calendars, including paid time off and sick days, and contacted staff when coverage was necessary.

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Effectively communicated with bartenders, bussers, and bar managers to ensure efficient and effective workflow during all shifts. Maintained and restocked inventory, and poured wines and tap beers as directed by the bartender. Washed glasses, cut & prepared garnishes, and disposed of trash as needed.

  • Consistently monitor and walked throughout the bar, outdoor areas, and bathrooms to ensure cleanliness and hazard-free spaces.
  • Ensured the bar was fully stocked with everything needed to run efficiently, including glasses, drinks, napkins, coasters, straws, and snacks.
  • Prepared mixers, juices, and cocktail garnishes and informed the bartender and necessary staff when supplies were running low.
  • Assisted with designated bar opening and closing procedures, including wiping down areas, sweeping and mopping, and arranging tables, chairs, and stools.
  • Accepted deliveries, ensured shipments were accurate, helped unload crates and boxes, and arranged the stock room.

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Deliver bar service at bar connected to 5-star hotel establishment. Communicate with customers providing attentive and fast service. Restock bar and share product knowledge with new and frequent customers. Schedule and train new staff.

  • Brought in customers from hotel side by sharing advertising materials with room service providers who would leave marketing collateral in customer rooms.
  • Minimized prep time of mixed drinks by offering daily specials for quick prep drinks on busy nights.

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Oversaw excellent customer experiences and in-store execution of sales and promotions as directed by the store manager. Tracked and monitored inventory levels and prepared lists for ordering when stock ran low.

  • Brought artistry to the average customer interaction by creating and mastering unique foam designs that attracted a virtual following through social media output.
  • Participated in promotional events by demonstrating coffee artistry and sharing samples at local events, outside the store, and via social media posting management.

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Bar manager


Oversaw staff training and development for popular local lounge and bar. Recruited, hired, and trained staff, ensuring consistent support for a well-trained hospitality team. Tracked and analyzed client data and trends to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

  • Revitalized bar menu with greater product variety and updated design to incorporate new branding model passed down from ownership.
  • Developed promotional and seasonal offerings based on tracking and evaluation of bar traffic and demographics.

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Entry level

Stocked and refilled drink ingredients, napkins and straws, alcoholic beverages, condiments, snacks, and ice as directed by the bartenders at a high-traffic sports restaurant and bar. Helped to maintain an organized and clean working environment according to city, state, and federal rules and regulations.

  • Consistently checked bar stocks and refilled items as necessary while backing up the bartender to pour tap beer and wine.
  • Maintained a clean bar area, including sweeping or mopping the floor, changing bar mats, and wiping down counters.
  • Dealt with emergencies, including cleaning up liquid spills and broken glasses as well as unclogging drains and handling water overflows.
  • Cleared empty glasses and replenished supplies to ensure the bartender had the right size and style available for a variety of drinks.
  • Coordinated with bartenders, security staff, and kitchen staff to ensure efficient service and health for bar patrons.

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Entry level

Drove sales and increased customer retention by 20% by cultivating impactful customer relations. Leveraged customer service and interpersonal skills.

  • Devoted time to speaking and interacting with customers over the course of each shift.
  • Developed ongoing repertoire with customers while promoting repeat visits.
  • Ensured prompt food and drink delivery with every customer order.
  • Attended to customer requests and complaints in a timely fashion within fast-paced bar environment.

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Ensure consistent workflow and service offerings to guests by assisting bartender and cocktail servers where needed. Create environment of efficiency by facilitating clean work areas and cross-checking the bar orders. Maintain sanitation of the facility, complying with standards from the local and state Health Department.

  • Updated workflows to ensure 15% greater accuracy in drink order delivery for larger parties.
  • Trained new barbacks on products, standards, and procedures to ensure greatest success of customer service delivery.

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