Chronological resume

A chronological resume is probably the most common and most recognizable resume template.

What is a chronological resume?

This is a classic resume style that features work experience first. Your jobs are listed in “reverse chronological” order, meaning your current or most recent job is listed first with the rest following in order from most recent to most distant.

When to use a chronological resume?

If you have work experience directly related to the position you’re applying for, this is a highly recommended format. Employers like seeing what you’ve accomplished in previous positions, so it’s beneficial to highlight all of your relevant experiences and accomplishments.

If you have little to no work experience – or if your only work experience is completely unrelated to your future career – then you probably want to consider another option.

Chronological resume format

Because your work experience is the focus of a chronological resume, it should be the first section after your personal information. The only exception is if you’re currently in school, in which case your education should be listed first then your work experience.

Within work experience, your current or most recent job should be listed first. Then, any previous jobs should follow in reverse chronological order.

Additional sections like trainings, volunteer activities, or skills, are encouraged if they apply to your profile. Just remember that your resume should always be a maximum of two pages.

Download a free template (Word)

A free to use and direct downloadable resume template for a chronologic resume. This template was created by a certified resume expert and can be used with Microsoft Word.

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