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Restaurant service
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Restaurant service
Restaurant service
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Entry level

Delivered multiple orders simultaneously and interacted directly with guests, taking additional orders when needed. Provided support to bartender staff by serving cocktails, soft beverages, and desserts timely. Worked under pressure and adapted to flexible hours during high season.

  • Welcomed guests, took food orders, and served complimentary water and tea to customers.
  • Received incoming phone calls for booking inquiries and delivery orders and to-go orders.
  • Stocked silverware, napkins, plates, and other dining supplies. Scored 90% for side work performance in yearly reviews.
  • Helped supervisors with refilling supplies and cleaning the stocking room.
  • Reset tables quickly after each customer by cleaning the counter, restocking silverware, refilling condiments, and setting up new plates.

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Entry level

Increased restaurant overall sales revenue by building and maintaining impactful customer relationships. Leveraged relations to ensure repeat guests and ensure brand loyalty.

  • Communicated with customers before, during, and after their meals to establish repertoire.
  • Utilized interpersonal and problem solving skills to resolve issues and provide optimal customer service.
  • Offered recommendations and conducted frequent check-ins.
  • Petitioned customers to come back and request me by name for a guaranteed positive dining experience.

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Entry level

Played an integral role in providing support to a kitchen staff of 10, assumed a variety of assigned duties and responsibilities, sanitized and maintained food preparation and storage area before and after shifts, inspected kitchen counters, cabinets, and appliances, and provided daily reports to shift managers.

  • Washed and cleaned a variety of dishware, including plates, pots, glasses, utensils, and other cooking equipment.
  • Cleaned and set up the washing, cooking, and preparing stations, ensuring they were organized according to the restaurant's guidelines and standards.
  • Ensured all dishware, utensils, and cooking equipment were washed, sanitized, and put back in proper storage areas upon closing.
  • Bagged and moved kitchen trash to dumpster and recycling areas, washed trash containers, and replaced bags.
  • Performed a variety of other duties and assumed other responsibilities as assigned by the kitchen management staff.

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Brings order to the chaos of busy restaurant environment with active bussing services and front- and back-of-house operations assistance. Clean and prep dining tables for new customers and assist waitstaff with bringing out orders to tables on busy nights.

  • Cleaned and prepped tables with greater efficiency by implementing a busser cart with all needed equipment to prep tables in record time without traveling back and forth from kitchens to restock supplies.

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Assisted customers with menu selection, answering questions on ingredients, meal preparation methods, and allergy safety. Approached guest tables frequently to ensure a satisfying dining experience and to assist with any issues. Tracked supply availability and collect payments with receipts.

  • Greeted and assisted customers in a 150-guest dining room event.
  • Memorized 20+ specials and described dishes to guests to ensure satisfaction with selections.
  • Advised customers on menu specials and meal ingredients, recommending specific menu items based on their dietary and allergy needs.
  • Recorded orders for food and beverages and entered all information into the cash register system for receipt issuance and transmittal to the kitchen.
  • Recommended specialty drinks, served customers a wide selection of wines, and kept the dining space clean by removing empty plates and glassware.

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Offered tailored food and drink recommendations and leveraged upselling tactics to maximize payment and tip profits from every customer order. Averaged 20% higher payment amounts per order than rest of wait staff.

  • Greeted customers and delivered product recommendations and menu presentations upon being seated.
  • Took orders and ensured prompt service, including refills and additional requests, throughout the dining experience.
  • Brought over dessert menu towards end of visit to encourage additional service.
  • Leveraged customer service and interpersonal skills to ensure high-quality experiences with every order.

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Demonstrated exceptional customer service and kitchen support for an upscale restaurant, high-traffic restaurant with a kitchen staff of 20+ employees. Improved cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing processes and procedures, resulting in increased hourly food orders and table deliveries.

  • Washed crockery and kitchenware, including a variety of plates, bowls, silverware, pots, pans, and glasses by hand and utilizing commercial dishwashers and dish driers.
  • Inspected and tested sanitizing equipment for proper temperature and chemical levels before washing dishware.
  • Cleaned various work areas as assigned, including food prep stations, refrigerators, cooking areas, shelves, equipment, walls and floors.
  • Maintained commercial dishwashers, dish driers and other cooking appliances, consistently checking for repair needs and reporting them to the supervisor.
  • Kept supervisor promptly and fully informed of any problems or situations of significance and took immediate corrective action as directed.

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Assisted servers deliver food orders from the restaurant kitchen to guest tables rapidly and accurately. Liaised between the front and back end staff to ensure guests received positive dining experiences. Communicated and confirmed special food and drink requests to servers and kitchen staff.

  • Monitored and cleaned the dining room, outside patio, bathrooms, and the building’s perimeter throughout work shifts.
  • Demonstrated a complete understanding and knowledge of food production, storage practices, and legal regulations.
  • Trained new bussers on the job’s responsibilities and duties and assured compliance with all sanitation and safety standards.
  • Communicated guest’s dietary needs (e.g., food allergies), preferences, and dislikes to the front-end staff to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Performed a variety of basic cleaning and side work duties as directed by the restaurant’s manager.

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Deliver exceptions service quality as senior staff member with oversight of scheduling, inventory management and tracking, and training of new servers. Resolves escalated customer issues with dignity under pressure and interpersonal communication skills. Manages front-of-house operations in absence of restaurant manager as senior trusted staff member.

  • Upsold $7k in high-end wine sales and by adding table-side uncorking to standard service provision for all wait staff.
  • Earned customer vote for Best Wait Staff in business, 2017.

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Entry level

Provided excellent customer service tailored to meet individual customer needs and received 100% positive feedback scores in customer surveys over 6-month period. Leveraged interpersonal and relationship building skills to ensure positive experiences.

  • Greeted every customer warmly as they entered the dining room area.
  • Made sure to conduct frequent check-ins on tables throughout their dining experience.
  • Provided prompt drink refills and dessert recommendations.
  • Made an effort to chat with every table and initiate engaging repertoire.

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