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Fast food
Fast food
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McDonalds crew member

Entry level

Assisted customers at the indoor counter and driver through stations, worked cashiers, checked orders, and relayed orders to cooks. Worked kitchen areas to prepare meals, stock ingredients, and package materials.

  • Conducted accurate sales transactions in-store and on drive-thru shifts in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Greeted customers and answered their questions about menu items, specialty items, promotions, and combinations.
  • Cooked full line of menu items and specialty items, ensuring health and safety standards were met and reporting potential hazards or violations to the crew chief.
  • Cleaned assigned work areas, dining tables, and serving counters meeting establish quality standards.
  • Replenished and stocked service stations, cabinets, and tables, and followed safety protocols to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.

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Fast food worker

Entry level

Ensured the freshness of ingredients and food before and after food preparation. Double-checked all orders to assure customer special requests were met before delivering meals to guests. Worked a variety of shifts throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, overnight, and holidays.

  • Greeted and served guests while maintaining a cheerful and helpful attitude explaining menu items and assisting with meal preparation.
  • Utilized electronic system and point of sale register to accurately take orders and calculate the amount of the bill.
  • Reconciled cash register before and after each shift to ensure accuracy and immediately reported irregularities to shift supervisor.
  • Ensured that all customers received high-quality products promptly and at ideal temperatures according to the restaurant’s standards.
  • Worked all front and back-end stations productively and accurately, ensuring spaces were cleaned and adequately stocked for guests and coworkers.

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Pizza delivery driver


Drives rapid, accurate delivery processes for high-volume restaurant chain. Assists kitchen and prep staff to proactively solve time management issues. Takes customer orders when possible to alleviate strain on other staff members. Communicates with customers to create great service environment.

  • Brought down prep time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes by pre-loading ingredients for common orders.
  • Developed a cross-check system between staff members that ensured order accuracy and eliminated order re-dos.

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Fast food manager


Supervises food service delivery for up to 7 rotating team members. Hired, trains, and schedules new employees on quality standards and customer service provision. Promotes team environment by leading daily and weekly team meetings. Processes HR, operations, and accounts Payable and Receivable (A/P and A/R).

  • Increased individual employee performance ratings by 50% after hosting training and one on one mentoring sessions.
  • Brought down sanitary product costs by locating a local vendor with 20% price reduction.

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Food delivery driver

Entry level

Maintained a flexible schedule to work mornings, afternoons, and nights delivering grocery and meal orders for customers within local neighborhoods. Maintained personal vehicle ensuring safe and on-time driving and presentation that represented the company’s brand and standards.

  • Picked up a variety of food orders from restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor stores and ensured all items were delivered intact.
  • Utilized and troubleshot ordering and navigation mobile applications to track orders, location, and delivery times.
  • Communicated with customers throughout the order process when needed to ensure satisfactory services.
  • Utilized customer service skills to gather information and provide service feedback to the company.
  • Tracked, organized, and delivered multiple orders on time by carefully mapping routes to ensure customers’ orders were accurate.

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McDonalds crew member


Monitored designated day-to-day operations by the store manager, and organized and delegated duties for staff to align with company initiatives. Provided reports of work situations and responsibilities to scheduled shift staff and communicated information to incoming shift personnel as necessary.

  • Worked multi-hour cash register and drive-thru shifts, addressing customers’ unique needs, and ensuring food and drink orders were taken accurately.
  • Demonstrated exceptional oral and written communication skills with customers, and management to ensure efficient delivery of services.
  • Kept flexibility and attitude that enabled responsibilities and parameters to fit in areas not previously described in this role.
  • Hired, trained, and mentored new employees to take orders, work registers, take inventory, and direct customer complaints to crew chiefs as appropriate.
  • Maintained paperwork and communicated with the store manager and district managers to discuss local strategies.

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Fast food worker


Prepared a limited selection of menu items, cooked and packaged meals, cleaned kitchen and dining areas, and restocked ingredients and condiments as necessary. Demonstrated full comprehension of food and drink orders to correctly prepare meals and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Upheld the restaurant’s mission to provide each restaurant patron with a great experience as a member of the front-of-house team.
  • Directed by the restaurant manager to train new hires to accurately function POS and credit card transactions.
  • Ensured that patrons were served quickly, efficiently, and accurately in a pleasant manner and resolved problems/issues as necessary.
  • Trained new employees on restaurant, local, state, and federal health and safety ordinances while demonstrating compliance.
  • Supported numerous areas of the restaurant as needed including setup, cleanup, food prep, and equipment maintenance.

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Pizza delivery driver


Consistently demonstrate great cash handling skills to take payment and provide change at delivery sites. Ensured all food and drink orders were delivered on time and without damage or spillage. Helped food preparers package and check food orders before leaving the restaurant.

  • Ensured hot and cold food items were kept in compliance with the restaurant’s standards and met all safety and sanitation standards.
  • Regularly assisted food preparation teams as needed, including cleaning food stations, building and stocking to-go boxes, and working registers when there were no delivery orders.
  • Contributed to food preparation, taking orders, restocking ingredients (toppings, cheeses, sauces, etc.), heating/cooking meals, and filling drinks.
  • Maintained a clean driving record and demonstrated a strong ability to navigate various neighborhoods to avoid traffic to ensure deliveries were made on time.
  • Reported all incidents encountered on the road and delivery vehicle mechanical issues to the store manager or shift supervisor.

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Fast food manager


Interviewed, hired, and trained staff, submitted nightly financial reports, and conducted regular evaluation reports. Ensured all processes for venue management were in place and executed on time. Completed all administrative and operational duties as outlined and assigned by the regional manager.

  • Fostered a positive and motivating work environment that enhanced the restaurant’s brand and culture and led to increased employee retention.
  • Ensured hospitality service standards were upheld at all times, including resolving customer complaints, food quality assurance, cleanliness, and safety.
  • Managed team member relations and issues related to coaching, mentoring and partnering with professional development programs as necessary.
  • Maintained budget and optimized operating expenses by adjusting purchasing, scheduling, portion control, and using P&L reports.
  • Instituted a customer rewards program that resulted in increased profits exceeding projections for the region by 12%.

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Food delivery driver


Delivers end-to-end customer service from order to doorstep delivery. Aids kitchen prep staff and fills in during staff shortages. Offers positive attitude and flexibility to ensure smooth operations and motivate team members.

  • Brought down overall delivery time from 20 to 15 minutes by implementing car inspection system that ensured tanks were full and drivers were prepared to go at all times.
  • Created workflow checklist that improved accuracy of and prep time for orders.

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