Line cook

Line cook
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Line cook
Line cook
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Cook resume examples
Experience level

Line cook

Entry level

Assisted with daily inventory restocking while fulfilling multiple weekly sanitizing assignments. Organized the kitchen area, including cleaning equipment, replacing damaged utensils, and preparing the workstation with the necessary ingredients in advance.

  • Arranged food for frying, broiling, sautéing, and grilling and ensured proper food storage.
  • Maintained the kitchen area clean and ensured equipment met all safety standards.
  • Prepared high-quality meals promptly and according to the chef’s directions.
  • Inspected the quality of raw and cooked food items and assisted with supply stocking.
  • Assisted the head chef with expediting the process of seasoning, marinating, and battering based on customers’ requests.

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Line cook


Worked on multiple areas of the kitchen, including sauté, fry, and grilling stations. Ensured high product quality at all times and maintained cooking standards in line with Restaurant Management specifications. Coached new line cooks on customer service best practices, leading to a 10% increase in client satisfaction.

  • Prepared ingredients and cooking supplies in advance and set up workstations ahead of time to maximize kitchen efficiency during peak hours.
  • Prepared specialty food items for weddings, banquets, and corporate events.
  • Maintained the kitchen environment clean and sanitary in addition to storing perishables safely, dating food containers, and inspecting for any expired food in the storage room.
  • Performed quality checks and routine maintenance of all kitchen equipment.
  • Trained new line cooks on how to follow menu orders, present plates for customers, and prepare ingredients in advance for more complex recipes.

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Line cook


Managed kitchen operations to produce 150+ high-quality entrees per day, trained kitchen staff on food handling procedures, and negotiated agreements with vendors to reduce the costs of supplies by 13%.

  • Memorized all menu items and instructed line cooks on how to set up each order, including preparing the ingredients, setting up cooking times, and achieving the proper quantities.
  • Facilitated kitchen operations by creating recipe files, simplifying prep sheets, and outlining an accurate staff rotation system for each shift.
  • Verified production orders, reviewed menus, and made the necessary meal modifications to meet customers’ dietary needs.
  • Cooperated with the Sous Chef to introduce new menu items and exotic meals for seasonal catering and in-house special events.
  • Assisted clients with meal choices, recommending specific items based on allergy and dietary needs.

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Line cook


Produced quality entrées and other served items. Ensured operations flow by managing efficient food preparation, supervising and training staff, and mastering food presentation and portion controls. Met quality and food and safety compliance standards. Upheld sanitation standards for busy kitchen and prepared food without risking cross-contamination.

  • Gave tours to class of aspiring chefs from local college culinary program.
  • Developed restaurant’s popular “special sauce” that became a staple of the restaurant.
  • Named “Employee of the Month” for six months over tenure.

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