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Restaurant manager
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Restaurant manager
Restaurant manager
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Restaurant manager


Oversaw delivery of exceptional dining experience to earn local business. Maintained low costs and turnover to generate greatest profit margins. Developed and executed daily management procedures including opening, closing, and cash handling. Analyzed customer consumer data and produced reports or evaluations supporting data-driven recommendations for improvement.

  • Used winning attitude and creative promotion development to meet or exceeded sales goals monthly.
  • Reduced waste 20% through expert application of forecasting and trend analysis.

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Restaurant manager


Created high-quality customer-centric service environment through staff development, customer engagement plans, and proactive expenditure reductions such as waste, spoilage, or turnover. Managed inventories, storage conditions, and sales improvement planning. Directed all business operations and financial reporting in compliance with legal regulations and safety standards.

  • Reduced variable costs 4% by controlling excess waste and overtime expenditures.
  • Exceeded monthly goals 8% consistently by training staff in customer relationship development, upselling techniques, and featuring food specials throughout the week.

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Restaurant manager


Optimized operations and staff development for busy local family-owned restaurant. Oversaw local and federal regulation compliance of financial reporting, business operations, and safety adherence. Recruited talented staff and crew members and trained reliable, motivated teams. Supervised maintenance and cleanliness of restaurant facility and equipment.

  • Improved mid-week revenues 20% by partnering with local organizations for fundraising nights.
  • Established online presence through Google business and social media, generating 30% more customers daily after one month of social media plan execution.

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