Assistant restaurant manager

Assistant restaurant manager
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Assistant restaurant manager
Assistant restaurant manager
Resume examples

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Assistant restaurant manager


Oversaw staff development and local partnerships for 5-star restaurant in the heart of downtown activity center. Ensured customer success by leading training elements to develop staff expertise and confidence. Handled escalated customer issues or questions with diplomacy and poise under pressure.

  • Built local partnerships with businesses to bring in additional 10% revenue weekly without accruing additional hours.
  • Reduced operating costs 14% in one year after leading a comprehensive rebrand and menu revitalization project.

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Assistant restaurant manager

Entry level

Tasked with managing staff schedules for a small 12-person staff, small scale, and family owned restaurant. Helped to develop seasonal menus and drinks, ordering ingredients and overseeing inventory, and reporting profits to the restaurant owners.

  • Researched potential wholesale food and ingredient suppliers and negotiated prices to guarantee consistent, on-time delivery.
  • Analyzed and determined future kitchenware and equipment needs to ensure seamless order processing and service.
  • Updated and maintained a list of vendor contracts and invoices to ensure contact information was accurate.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained kitchen staff and conducted monthly performance reviews to ensure quality dining experiences.
  • Demonstrated exceptional understanding of restaurant operations and customer service to promote a growing client base.

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Assistant restaurant manager


Ensured new hires complied with the restaurant’s policies and procedures, followed food and safety quality standards, and kept customers satisfied while handling complaints. Coordinated communication between back and front end staff to deliver unique and enjoyable customer experiences.

  • Utilized multiple restaurant management software including MS Excel, MS Word, OpenTable, PeachWorks, and Clover.
  • Kept and reported detailed financial records of daily, weekly, monthly payroll, expenses, and revenues.
  • Provided employee performance reports to the General Manager and Regional President to ensure staff was adequately trained.
  • Collaborated with the Food and Beverage Manager to ensure all food, ingredients, and equipment were available.
  • Enforced sanitary policies for food handling, maintenance of kitchen and dining areas, and general cleanliness.

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