Catering manager

Catering manager
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Catering manager
Catering manager
Resume examples

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Catering resume examples
Experience level

Catering manager

Entry level

Hired as an interim catering manager and then promoted to permanent catering manager after 6 months. Demonstrated calm and poise leading the front and back staff at high-end events. Exhibited great judgment under pressure while continuously providing 5-star service.

  • Provide and take constructive feedback to ensure the food preparation and food service teams functioned at high levels.
  • Liaised with clients to build relationships and guarantee excellent service is provided and exceeded expectations.
  • Established and maintained satisfactory relationships with diverse staff and customers at all levels within the company and event sites.
  • Managed multiple events per week and helped the company increase sales by improving brand awareness through positive feedback, reviews, and testimonials.
  • Developed and ensured an immediate focus on staff safety and beneficial customer relations at every event.

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Catering manager


Demonstrated ability to develop staff, manage multiple sites, and communicate with clients. Ensured positive and high-quality service to the clients working alongside other operational managers with a focus on leadership, employee safety, and development.

  • Took part in client meetings to fully understand event and food requirements, budgets, meal price adjustments, and menu options.
  • Conducted event site service evaluations, developing and implementing action plans and changes needed to meet company standards.
  • Provided on-site constructive craft and gross margin staff training to minimize wastage and maximize company profits.
  • Attended to and took all necessary actions to prevent accidents, lost property, damages, and irregularities.
  • Stayed up-to-date with current and popular food trends through social media, food magazines, and trade events.

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Catering manager


Leveraged years of hospitality and catering principles to deliver food handling and preparation as well as customer event success through on-time delivery of contracted products and services. Coordinated with event venue staff, hosts, vendors, and planners to realize seamless event execution.

  • Built fledgling catering start-up from $10k to $100k in annual revenues by promoting flawless catering reputation.
  • Generated three recurring clients keeping the company on retainer after demonstrating superior catering quality at audition events.

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