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All templates are written by a CPRW certified resume expert and are optimized for applicant tracking system (ATS) screening. These templates can be directly downloaded as a Microsoft Word document, and they are free to use for your next job application. If you need any guidance writing your resume, be sure to check out the extensive guide on how to write a resume in 2023.

Choosing the right resume format and template

Chronological resumes are most commonly used, and they are a good option for professionals with 2+ years of relevant work experience. Functional resumes are less common but good for people with little to no work experience or who operate in the gig/freelance economy. Finally, the combination resume is an option for professionals who have extensive work experience or less relevant work experience.

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In general: if you are applying for a job within the U.S. or for a U.S.-based organization, use a resume template. When applying for a job within Europe or for a European organization, use a CV template

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Chronological resume template

In this resume, work experience is presented in “reverse chronological” order (newest to oldest). It showcases your most recent work experience and accomplishments.

resume chronological

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Functional resume template

This resume focuses on skills rather than traditional jobs. It’s a good option if you don’t have formal work experience or if you’ve worked many diverse jobs.

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CV template

CVs are similar to resumes but are more commonly used in Europe and Africa.

cv template

Tips on using these templates

  1. Fill it out using your unique experience – if you don’t have the same number of jobs or degrees as we list, adjust it accordingly
  2. Spellcheck and proofread several times
  3. After filling it out, print it and double check all the details
  4. Change the file name to Firstname_Lastname.docx before submitting
  5. If sending via email or uploading it to a website, convert resume to a PDF
  6. If submitting to a job application portal, submit as a .docx file

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License Terms

The following license terms and conditions apply when you download any of the free templates:

  • The templates are for a personal use only.
  • You are not allowed to sub-license, transfer, resell or share any of the templates even for free.


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