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Entry level

Engaging role which necessitated the development of my communication, customer service and collaborative skills to enable me provide to enable me deliver top-notch customer service to customers.

  • Provided customers with a warm welcome upon their entry into the store, ensuring to pay attention and providing them with an educated response to each of their inquiries.
  • Leverage active learning skills to quickly master the use of retail equipment including scale, barcode scanner and cash register.
  • Worked with members of the sales team to stock shelves and help customers to find their way around the store.
  • Ensured all visitors have a pleasant end to their visit by performing checkout procedures quickly and accurately.

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Retail cashier


Collaborative role requiring interdepartmental collaborations to deliver a cohesive brand message and standard service to every customer who walks through our doors.

  • Welcomed customers into the store and attended to them in compliance with defined service standards.
  • Attended routine staff briefings to get updates on new products, service offerings and customer service policies to ensure the most educated responses to customer enquiries.
  • Worked with staff of the sales department to stock shelves and ensure a tidy display.
  • Efficiently performed all checkout procedures to ensure a satisfactory end to customers’ visit.

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Retail management

Store manager


Strategic role requiring critical thinking in the development and execution of targeted business strategies to optimize operational proficiency and increase profitability.

  • Reviewed data on buying trends, customer needs, and existing business strategies to identify flaws and develop new strategies to increase customer base, expand store traffic and increase store’s revenue.
  • Reviewed and optimized store’s service practices to increase customer satisfaction, resulting in increased customer loyalty and sales.
  • Consistently research market trends and monitor competition to develop innovative ideas that keep the store ahead of the curve and increase its market share.
  • Leveraged relations and negotiation skills to maintain working relationships with a network vendors to secure the best prices and quality of goods.

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Store manager

Entry level

Received recognition from management several times for stellar store management, achieved through the implementation of strategic marketing and financial initiatives.

  • Took a hands-on approach to managing the day-to-day activities of the store to ensure that customer experience was not affected by operational technicalities.
  • Ensured that the staff was trained to provide customers with exceptional service through training and on-job mentorship and shadowing.
  • Reduced expenses through the implementation of inventory management that was triggered only when inventory went below a certain level for each product.

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Call center

Call center representative

Entry level

Performed call center duties for an internet and phone service company.

  • Answered approximately 30+ customer calls and online inquiries in a calm, courteous, and professional manner.
  • Managed workspace with the most up to date technology in headsets, microphones, laptops, and computer software such as Zoom and Skype.
  • Kept and updated a secure and well-organized spreadsheet with confidential information regarding customer addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers.
  • Addressed non-English speaking customers in their native languages.
  • Discussed internet and telephone service issues with customers pertaining to billing, connectivity, and power outages.
  • Reported to supervisor any difficulties in dealing with customers.

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Call center agent


Complex role requiring strong communication and crisis management skills to deliver impeccable service to customers.

  • Managed incoming and outgoing calls from the center to keep customers informed on latest product offerings and updates.
  • Provided remote assistance to clients to help them navigate the company website and new products.
  • Collaborated with other team leads within the department to improve customer service policies and quality.
  • Oversaw onboarding processes for new hires and ensured adherence to established standards.

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Retail worker

Retail sales associate


Greet and assist customers in identifying products that meet their needs. Check out guests, processing both card and cash payments accurately. Multitask on a daily basis, performing responsibilities like answering phone, stocking shelves, and other tasks that arise.

  • Work on morning shift, completing product markdowns before the end of the weekly cycle.
  • Help dozens of customers daily, both on the phone and in the store.
  • Proactively replenish merchandise by moving products from stock room to shelves.
  • Earned Employee of the Month in July 2020 due to exceptional customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to support team.
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and recommend products to customers in order to drive sales.

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Retail customer service representative


Worked for an electronics store handling customer inquiries and purchases.

  • Conducted price and feature comparisons to encourage customers to purchase items.
  • Kept track of stock and inventory and noted items that needed to be ordered.
  • Explained in detail how various items functioned and operated to customers.
  • Filed information on customers pertaining to return purchases.
  • Inspected items for defectiveness and reported any issues to store manager.
  • Maintained a polite and professional demeanor when interacting with customers.
  • Organized displaced items on shelves and cleaned up store aisles.
  • Informed customers on deals and specials for specific items.

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Supply chain

Supply chain manager


Oversee strategic sourcing and supply chain operations for a large company in the energy sector. Create solutions to problems in materials management, warehousing, transportation, and customer service.

  • Optimized transportation network through an initiative that consolidated the efforts of 5 warehouses while reducing transportation costs.
  • Reduced operational costs by offshoring the customer service operations including 100 customer service personnel.
  • Led and mentored 25 junior supply chain analysts on operations, maintenance, and equipment use.
  • Ensured 0% loss with documented processes and procedures including onboarding handbook.

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Supply chain analyst


Analyze and propose recommendations to the business procurement strategy and supply chain management processes and procedures. Implement new digital business tools and technology to support business growth. Communicate with teams and liaison with stakeholders to develop greater systems to maximize ROI and resources.

  • Reduced 14 processes down to 8 processes for the supply chain team without sacrificing quality of output.
  • Assessed procurement gaps and made tailored recommendations to the management team that led to 10% revenue growth.
  • Increased capacity for processing supply distribution by 10%, allowing more work totaling $15,000 per year.

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Developed and executed sourcing strategy for manufacturing company that produces over 100K products per year across 3 plants. Interfaced with suppliers and purchasing locations, acquiring all merchandise and equipment for production.

  • Distributed materials and supplies to 3 locations, which collectively support over 2,000 customers and generate $20M in monthly revenue.
  • Awarded 2 long-term contracts to suppliers, locking in prices 20% below market average.
  • Analyzed profit and loss margins, making adjustments to achieve revenue goals.
  • Procured over $5M in equipment as part of capital planning project, which increased equipment lifespan by 5 years.
  • Prepared and presented business case for expanding production of specific product, resulting in 30% increase in revenue while costs only increased 10%.

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Assistant buyer


Procured products, materials, and supplies for business operations and individual customer requirements. Worked with contractors and subcontractors to allocate materials accordingly. Processed MRO requisitions and maintain records of all purchases and deliveries.

  • Coordinated proposals, contracts, and purchase orders with over 20 vendors and suppliers.
  • Ordered up to $300,000 in materials and supplies each month, proactively replenishing inventory to avoid shortages and delays.
  • Obtained and evaluated quotes from suppliers, working with head buyer to select best offer.
  • Negotiated new contract with vendor, saving company $10,000 annually.
  • Reduced spending on 1 material by identifying new supplier who offered the same quality material at a lower cost.

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Brand strategist


Provided strategic oversight of the development, management, and execution of marketing programs consisting of traditional and digital marketing, B2B/B2C, social media, email marketing and, content strategy. Directed the development of data-driven strategies for driving brand exposure by utilizing consumer insights and market intelligence to create targeted, effective marketing campaigns. Drove revenue growth by restructuring and improving marketing strategies.

  • Managed the project from conception to completion; Researched, developed, implemented, and generated 24 pieces of supporting collateral within 60 days. Created 26 pieces under the deadline; exceeded the target by 8%.
  • Developed 2 new product concepts for future product launches
  • Maximized revenue and brand awareness by crafting powerful advertising, PR, social media, and trade campaigns.
  • Created the company’s brand slogan which received a 60 % approval rating; proved to be one of the best performing vision statements.
  • Authored detailed brand creative briefs and developed a value proposition statement for the company and aligned with sales objective.
  • Conducted Keynote Webinar, which led to a strategic partnership proposal with the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Presented keynote webinar to FPA members; generated 100 sales leads.
  • Produced 10 custom pitch decks per month for 2 years. Collaborated with sales leadership to create video scripts.
  • Served as a knowledgeable Advisor for portfolio management team; Identified gaps and risks in long-short products and suggested solutions.

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Brand manager


Strategically adapt the company’s brand for the target market, encompassing lifestyle, brand vision, and value proposition. Think long-term and develop roadmaps for potential additional programs and products.

  • Work closely with vendors providing advertising services to establish proper tone and visuals appropriate to the target demographic, increasing demographic usage by 50% and overall usage by 75%.
  • Demonstrated brand awareness with a strong focus on results, assisting on product development and pricing strategy.
  • Managed the budget for advertising and promotional phases, creating evergreen advertising materials with high-quality imaging and messaging.
  • Researched competitors and provided detailed analysis on product improvement possibilities.
  • Created brand style guides and messaging guidelines.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples


Energetic and cordial customer service professional with skills in money management and communication. Handles working in the cashier role with ease and enjoys being part of a team to get tasks done more quickly. Always open to learning on the job.

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Retail management

Hardworking, detailed-oriented, committed to outperforming and providing customers with quality service. Stellar, 20+ years long track record of having a well-managed store. Leadership qualities with willingness to take initiative to improve store outlook.

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Call center

Versatile service representative with proven experience in fast-paced call center environments. Strong communicator who builds client trust with persuasive language and unwavering customer support attitude. Brings talent as a record-breaking service provider with 99% positive customer feedback rate.

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Retail worker

Courteous and customer service-oriented retail sales associate individual perceives to provide extraordinary greeting services and the capability to communicate with customers that ensure positive feedback and client retention in fast-paced retail environments. Demonstrates politeness, professionalism, and genuine respect with the ability to enhance sales through upselling techniques and by executing sales & negotiation strategies that drive sales profitability.

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Supply chain

Reliable supply chain manager with extensive experience guiding a vision for success through optimized operations and resource allocation. Analytical leader who increases material quality while reducing costs of production. Punctual professional focused on on-time, accurate project delivery.

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Trustworthy buyer with expertise in purchasing, procurement, and resource allocation. Excels at building relationships with suppliers, vendors, and clients in order to negotiate better contracts and increase bottom-line profits. Highly skilled at optimizing inventory levels to minimize costs while ensuring availability of supplies and materials. Collaborates with business leaders to adjust purchases in order to meet company goals.

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Enthusiastic brand ambassador with 3+ years of experience in marketing and with a solid background in retail sales. Endowed with an outgoing personality and comfortable with striking conversations with strangers and building communication channels. Able to handle individual projects as well as team assignments. Keen on utilizing my interpersonal and practical skills to bring growth to the company, boost brand awareness, and build long-lasting relationships with staff members and management.  

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Objective examples


Enthusiastic and flexible customer service professional in search of opportunity to accommodate customers with checkout responsibilities and accurate information on store products.

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Retail management

Seeking a store manager position to continuously improve store performance through utilization of operational management skills.

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Call center

Experienced call center representative seeking employment in the sales industry, transferring skills in customer service and managing multiple accounts on a continuing basis. Demonstrated ability to exceed company sales goals and maintain a customer satisfaction rate of 99%.

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Retail worker

A thorough, committed, and energetic retail sales associate with the experience of 3+ years seeks an opportunity to utilize expertise to boost sales by improving repeat purchases through suggestive selling, positive approach, sharing product knowledge, strong sales acumen, and customer engagement.

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Supply chain

Experienced supply chain manager who brings impactful operations improvements, inventory management, and strategic sourcing solutions. Seeking to leverage skills in continuous process improvement and performance development for a nationally positioned company.

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Detail-oriented professional with 6 years of successful experience in delivering operational support to vendors through researching, evaluating, and buying products within large-scale supply-chain / warehouse operations. Deep knowledge of high-volume inventory control strategies. Looking for the Buyer role in the organizations where I can best utilize my skills to optimize operations and processes to maximize productivity.

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Enthusiastic brand ambassador with experience in brand promotion and superior customer service. Recognized for engaging with clients with friendliness and professionalism while helping the company achieve yearly sales quotas. Looking to utilize my expertise in retail sales to improve brand awareness for both the company and the services offered while reinforcing my interpersonal skills.

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