Retail associate

Retail associate
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Retail associate
Retail associate
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Retail associate

Entry level

Exciting role requiring my customer service and collaborative skills in support of a fast –paced retail outfit.

  • Welcomed customers into the establishment and provided them with directions to the section of the store that would meet their needs.
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction by helping customers identify services/products that is best suited to their needs.
  • Executed offsite presentations to promote products and services.
  • Maintained communication with al store associates to facilitate a smooth workflow.

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Retail associate


Performance-oriented role encompassing research and strategic planning skills to drive growth within a fast-paced work environment.

  • Communicated with clients to identify their needs and direct them to the appropriate sections/departments where they’ll find products to meet their needs.
  • Surpassed sales targets and increased sales revenue by working with upper management to develop and implement promotional sales that encourage more purchases.
  • Employed research and analytical skills to break down large data and develop actionable plans that drive sales, increase revenue and facilitate the attainment of collective gals.
  • Worked in collaboration with other departments to resolve customer issues while maintaining a positive and professional attitude to ensure customer retention.

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Retail associate


Analyzed sales records and monitored consumer purchasing trends to promote customer retention and product awareness. Trained and coached new sales associates in client service practices and company goals. Restocked merchandise, checked inventory against sales reports, and responded to customers’ inquiries directly when needed.

  • Recommended complementary products and services for customers and assisted with selecting items based on clients’ needs, resulting in $9,000 in additional store revenue.
  • Organized merchandise displays and placed products strategically to maximize purchases.
  • Assisted the company owners with developing a new marketing plan to advertise the stores’ new services, leading to the rapid growth of the business from 20 to 45 staff members.
  • Purchased new inventory based on the store’s needs and coordinated deliveries with vendors.
  • Trained and mentored junior sales team associates in product selection, sales techniques, and overall company procedures.

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Retail associate


Performed general sales responsibilities, including product promotion, cash handling, and welcoming customers into the store. Listened to customers’ needs and provided immediate assistance to any occurring issue. Assisted in restocking shelves and ordering new supplies based on inventory availability.

  • Replenished and stocked shelves to increase customer engagement with each product and offer.
  • Received a 95% in service feedback surveys for assisting customers promptly with complaints, product returns, replacements, and outstanding inquiries.
  • Performed various cash handling responsibilities, including opening and closing the register, issuing refunds and receipts to customers, and reviewing prices of goods.
  • Maximized store revenue by 15% by helping customers locate items, complete purchases, join reward programs, and follow up to ensure overall satisfaction with the services.
  • Reviewed records of inventory supplies, including quantities, type, equipment, and materials.

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