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Experience level

Brand strategist


Provided strategic oversight of the development, management, and execution of marketing programs consisting of traditional and digital marketing, B2B/B2C, social media, email marketing and, content strategy. Directed the development of data-driven strategies for driving brand exposure by utilizing consumer insights and market intelligence to create targeted, effective marketing campaigns. Drove revenue growth by restructuring and improving marketing strategies.

  • Managed the project from conception to completion; Researched, developed, implemented, and generated 24 pieces of supporting collateral within 60 days. Created 26 pieces under the deadline; exceeded the target by 8%.
  • Developed 2 new product concepts for future product launches
  • Maximized revenue and brand awareness by crafting powerful advertising, PR, social media, and trade campaigns.
  • Created the company’s brand slogan which received a 60 % approval rating; proved to be one of the best performing vision statements.
  • Authored detailed brand creative briefs and developed a value proposition statement for the company and aligned with sales objective.
  • Conducted Keynote Webinar, which led to a strategic partnership proposal with the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Presented keynote webinar to FPA members; generated 100 sales leads.
  • Produced 10 custom pitch decks per month for 2 years. Collaborated with sales leadership to create video scripts.
  • Served as a knowledgeable Advisor for portfolio management team; Identified gaps and risks in long-short products and suggested solutions.

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Brand manager


Spearheaded marketing efforts of regional teams throughout North America and Europe. Maintained consistent brand identity while overseeing creative development.  

  • Utilized deep data analytics to exceed growth goals through brand communications, retail events, promotional campaigns, and affiliate programs.
  • Developed and executed qualitative and quantitative techniques on market insights and branding; maximized brand awareness by 28 %.
  • Developed multiple communication plans and advertising campaigns tailored to the unique business platform maximizing brand awareness and customer acquisition.
  • Developed and executed product roadmap, marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, and product branding materials at each buyer stage; managed the creation of websites, case studies, and presentations.
  • Improved social media presence by adding 800 new Twitter followers through content optimization.
  • Served as liaison for senior management and marketing, sales, and compliance departments.

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Brand ambassador


 Grew the user base by inviting positive trial and awareness of Red Bull through product sampling to consumers at the right place and right time while answering all consumer's questions. Created a strong network, established, and maintained relationships with key local individuals, crafted content, and drove the brand engagement on Social Media.

  • Promoted the company as well as the street team through mobile marketing. Collaborated with sales to open new distribution points for Red Bull within the university campus.
  • Worked with Marketing Manager to translate company goals to individual client’s needs
  • Increased brand awareness and sales by promoting products through a variety of media channels.
  • Participated in Red Bull events and supported events to ensure an unforgettable brand experience for consumers.

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Brand manager


Strategically adapt the company’s brand for the target market, encompassing lifestyle, brand vision, and value proposition. Think long-term and develop roadmaps for potential additional programs and products.

  • Work closely with vendors providing advertising services to establish proper tone and visuals appropriate to the target demographic, increasing demographic usage by 50% and overall usage by 75%.
  • Demonstrated brand awareness with a strong focus on results, assisting on product development and pricing strategy.
  • Managed the budget for advertising and promotional phases, creating evergreen advertising materials with high-quality imaging and messaging.
  • Researched competitors and provided detailed analysis on product improvement possibilities.
  • Created brand style guides and messaging guidelines.

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