Call center manager

Call center manager
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Call center manager
Call center manager
Resume examples

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Call center manager


Anticipate customer requirements and recommend appropriate actions for service providers and customers alike. Develop training plans for staff members to ensure industry and professional growth. Responsible for the resolution of escalated customer issues.

  • Updated workflows to ensure 15% greater accuracy in service delivery for all product lines.
  • Supervise employee interactions with clients’ end users to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Trained new staff on products, standards, and procedures, periodically developing and implementing updated department standards to ensure greatest success of customer service delivery.
  • Handle calls during high call volume periods and/or when the need arises.

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Call center manager

Entry level

Technical customer-centric role requiring sharp wit and critical thinking skills to provide effectual support to customers.

  • Handled incoming calls from customers to assess issues and proffer prompt solutions.
  • Generated detailed reports on support tickets to streamline future support workflows.
  • Attended routine staff meetings to keep updated on new company policies and service standards to provide customer with the most up-to-date information upon enquiries.
  • Initiated in-person support tickets and ensure to see them through to successful conclusions.

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Call center manager


Complex leadership position requiring operations and project management skills, along with technical knowledge to lead the operations of a busy call center.

  • Facilitated cross-functional and cross-departmental interactions to expedite the delivery of solutions to customers upon request.
  • Liaised with the HR department to draft comprehensive training manuals and SOPs for the call center to improve employee performance and customer satisfaction rates.
  • Provided direction and assistance to each team member as needed to boost performance and facilitate professional growth.
  • Worked closely with top executives to keep abreast of new company policies to provide immediate and premium support to users.

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