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Entry level

Engaging role which necessitated the development of my communication, customer service and collaborative skills to enable me provide to enable me deliver top-notch customer service to customers.

  • Provided customers with a warm welcome upon their entry into the store, ensuring to pay attention and providing them with an educated response to each of their inquiries.
  • Leverage active learning skills to quickly master the use of retail equipment including scale, barcode scanner and cash register.
  • Worked with members of the sales team to stock shelves and help customers to find their way around the store.
  • Ensured all visitors have a pleasant end to their visit by performing checkout procedures quickly and accurately.

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Retail cashier


Collaborative role requiring interdepartmental collaborations to deliver a cohesive brand message and standard service to every customer who walks through our doors.

  • Welcomed customers into the store and attended to them in compliance with defined service standards.
  • Attended routine staff briefings to get updates on new products, service offerings and customer service policies to ensure the most educated responses to customer enquiries.
  • Worked with staff of the sales department to stock shelves and ensure a tidy display.
  • Efficiently performed all checkout procedures to ensure a satisfactory end to customers’ visit.

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Grocery store cashier


Developed my customer relations and collaborative skills to work efficiently with other team members to provide premium service to customers.

  • Employed my strength to stock shelves, unload new products from trucks, and create attractive displays that drive sales.
  • Leverage relations and customer service skills to deliver a welcoming environment and efficiently direct clients to the right shelves whilst addressing concerns.
  • Balanced cash register receipts and scanned groceries to ensure proper price scanning.
  • Provided educated responses to clients’ enquires and informed them of promotions or special services to increase sales.

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Restaurant cashier


Customer-oriented position requiring collaborative and quick thinking skills to attend to patrons and exceed their expectation to build establishment’s reputation within the hospitality industry.

  • Provided patrons with a welcoming and comfortable environment upon their entry into the establishment. Ensured a smooth checkout by efficiently processing credit card, debit card and cash transactions.
  • Leverage relations and collaborative skills to work with a team within the hospitality industry to provide premium customer service to patrons.
  • Maintained a strong understanding of establishment’s values and customer needs, to ensure that optimized customer service is consistently delivered.
  • Achieved and surpassed sales targets by responding quickly to complex customer requests in a fast-paced environment.

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Entry level

Enlightening role requiring a combination of communication and collaborative skills to work within a diverse team consisting of customer service and sales associates to deliver an unrivalled customer experience to patrons.

  • Managed the front desk and welcomed visitors into the establishment, and provided them with verified information to their inquiries.
  • Developed working knowledge of computeriezed accounting systems within a fast-paced retail environment.
  • Leverage my fluency in two languages to communicate effectively with clients who might not have been completely comfortable speaking with the English language.
  • Worked with members of different to promptly solve problems and address customer concerns.

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Retail cashier


Increased product sales for checkout lane products by 20% by spearheading inventory reorganization initiative. Collaborated with other cashiers to organize products accordingly.

  • Partnered with customer experience manager to review product sales.
  • Devised and presented updated presentation and marketing options.
  • Supervised product redistribution initiative.
  • Helmed inventory replenishment metrics to track changes.

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Grocery store cashier

Entry level

Attained 10+ acquisitions for a grocery store loyalty card within single shift. Recognized by management for attentive and determined work ethic.

  • Supported customers cashing out and established positive repertoire.
  • Offered product recommendations and additional help as needed.
  • Memorized loyalty program details and formulated talking points and conversation tactics to be used while assisting customers.
  • Promoted grocery store loyalty card and program benefits during every interaction.
  • Supported signup process for interested customers.

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Restaurant cashier

Entry level

Maintained 100% order accuracy over 3-month period of piloting to-go and carry-out order window. Liaised with customers and restaurant staff.

  • Sought additional responsibilities as takeout window employee when previous employee had a sudden and prolonged absence.
  • Took orders and cashed customers out on a daily basis.
  • Championed order accuracy by confirming orders with customers and restaurant staff as needed.
  • Partnered with restaurant supervisor to manage busy lunch and dinner periods.

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Customer service expert adept at working within a multifunctional team to promptly resolve customer concerns and deliver top tier customer service to patrons.

  • Opened and close cash registers while training new recruits to ensure established customer service standards are adhered to at all times.
  • Attended routine staff meetings to keep abreast of organizational goals and update knowledge of store merchandise.
  • Developed a reputation for maximum efficiency and delivering premium customer service to clients, maintaining a customer satisfaction rate of 95%.
  • Operate computerized cash registers and handled over 100 transactions daily. Regularly verified money counts inn cash drawers.

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Retail cashier

Entry level

Assisted 100+ customers in a single shift during a busy holiday weekend. Championed customer service skills to ensure positive experiences for every customer.

  • Communicated with shift supervisor to ensure customer lines didn’t get too long.
  • Conversed with customers while cashing them out, asking questions and offering product recommendations.
  • Tracked time to ensure breaks were accurately planned in accordance with state and federal regulation.

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