Assistant retail manager

Assistant retail manager
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Assistant retail manager
Assistant retail manager
Resume examples

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Assistant retail manager


Diverse role encompassing leadership, relations management and detail reporting functions in support of a fast-paced organization to facilitate the attainment of collective goals.

  • Consistently surpassed sales targets by optimizing staff performance and innovating enhanced service standards by developing and implementing strategic training initiatives.
  • Studied customer purchasing behavior and market trends to design attractive and functional merchandising and displays that encourage more purchases resulting in more sales.
  • Developed and delivered comprehensive sales/marketing and operational reports to upper management to facilitate efficient decision making.
  • Maintained profitable working relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure proper merchandising and manage inventory levels.

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Assistant retail manager

Entry level

Streamlined inventory management and reduced time spent conducting audits by 30%. Developed and implemented updated workflow and best practices.

  • Assessed existing inventory tasks to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Partnered with department managers to strategize more efficient ways to count and monitor product inventories.
  • Outlined new audit procedures and presented to retail management for approval and storewide integration.
  • Communicated with employees to track operational efficiency and document improvements as a result of new process.

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Assistant retail manager


Achieved highest customer feedback score districtwide due to customer service efforts and initiatives. Leveraged problem solving and critical thinking skills to assist customers and empower employees.

  • Reviewed customer feedback scores, survey results, and reviews on a daily and weekly basis with customer service manager.
  • Drafted customer-focused best practices and employee guidance.
  • Partnered with department managers to assess employee strengths and weaknesses in regards to responding to customer interactions.
  • Personally responded to negative reviews and survey results to understand issues and provide solutions.

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