Purchasing manager

Purchasing manager
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Purchasing manager
Purchasing manager
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Purchasing manager


Oversee purchasing for business, including bidding, contract negotiation, and vendor relations. Create bid sheets, monitor work progress, and approve invoices and variance purchase orders. Supervise 5 operations staff. Stay current on industry regulations and trends that affect pricing and logistics.

  • Reconciled over $500,000 in account discrepancies within 2 months of joining.
  • Purchase $200K+ in monthly supplies and schedule supply deliveries to dozens of job sites.
  • Decreased operating costs 30% by implementing new purchasing system.
  • Negotiated new contracts with vendors, saving at least $100,000 annually.
  • Analyze cost codes and maintain prices and quantities within ERP system.

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Purchasing manager

Entry level

Oversaw the purchase of products through vendors and evaluated products for selling to consumers. Negotiated and followed through on contracts with suppliers.

  • Tracked and saved purchases using procurement software.
  • Scheduled meetings with to discuss budgeting, sales, and acquisitions.
  • Abided by company policies and procedures.
  • Renewed and closed supplier contracts based on performance.
  • Developed an operating budget for processing shipments.
  • Ensured current inventory met supply and demand protocols.
  • Assisted staff members with product sourcing and onsite testing of products.
  • Traveled to international locations to interview prospective suppliers.
  • Performed cost benefit analysis and reported findings to upper management.

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Purchasing manager


Supervised 20+ purchasing teams for sourcing inventory. Evaluated pricing and quality of products supplied by vendors and negotiated long and short-term contracts.

  • Trained purchasing agents to track budgets and evaluate supply vendors.
  • Maintained long-term working relationships with 10+ national and international vendors.
  • Determined size, cost, and weather conditions of shipping to estimate delivery timing.
  • Oversaw specifications of raw materials.
  • Utilized procurement software to record and manage purchase orders.
  • Interviewed and hired sales and purchasing assistants.
  • Implemented rules and regulations for working with supply vendors.
  • Researched marketplace for new items in industry to ship overseas.

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