Retail sales associate

Retail sales associate
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Retail sales associate
Retail sales associate
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Retail sales associate


Greet and assist customers in identifying products that meet their needs. Check out guests, processing both card and cash payments accurately. Multitask on a daily basis, performing responsibilities like answering phone, stocking shelves, and other tasks that arise.

  • Work on morning shift, completing product markdowns before the end of the weekly cycle.
  • Help dozens of customers daily, both on the phone and in the store.
  • Proactively replenish merchandise by moving products from stock room to shelves.
  • Earned Employee of the Month in July 2020 due to exceptional customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to support team.
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and recommend products to customers in order to drive sales.

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Retail sales associate


Explained exchange and return policies to accept and enforce merchandise for replacement and refund with different products.

  • Maintained the sales floor by updating pricing, restocking shelves, and managing inventory.
  • Followed organizational safety norms and regulations to manage a safe workplace.
  • Accompanied the POS system's processes and procedures when operating the cash register.
  • Reported suspicious incidents and behaviors to aid in theft prevention.
  • Greeted clients with friendly conduct and competent support to drive sales and establish loyalty.
  • Kept the working area presentable with daily cleaning and organizing of products.
  • Processed customer returns and purchases via credit card or debit card.

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Retail sales associate

Entry level

Provided excellent customer service to streamline the purchasing and payment processes for the customers.

  • Created merchandise displays to attract customers' attention and provided the opportunity for massive sales to boost weekly revenue by 10%.
  • Handled cash transactions and managed client returns in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Encouraged customers to register for credit card promos using a negotiation tactic for 10% more than the company's average.
  • Took the initiative to assist team members with customer service, cash operations, and retail maintenance.
  • Educated customers about various product selections to fulfill and exceed their client service experience.

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Retail sales associate

Entry level

Analyzed and determined consumer complaints or difficulties to improve the store's credibility and increased customer loyalty.

  • Checked pricing, applied discounts, printed receipts, and scanned products to notify customers.
  • Used the POS system to process returns, sales, gift card activations, and online orders.
  • Organized store merchandise displays and racks to maintain and promote aesthetically appealing environments.
  • Answered consumer queries and complaints about store policies.
  • Issued receipts and processed refunds, exchanges, or credits.
  • Supported the restocking of sales floor products in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Volunteered for extra shifts during holidays and peak hours to alleviate staff shortages.

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Retail sales associate


Handled all product returns and exchanges and examined pieces and invoices to ensure the authorization of the items and customers.

  • Developed relationships with repeat customers to encourage loyalty.
  • Stocked merchandise and executed sales floor recovery operations to keep the sales floor accessible for prospective customers.
  • Teamed up with front–end workers to serve customers.
  • Counted cash after every shift and made bank deposits.
  • Trained new teammates to use cash register operations, stock operations, and customer service.
  • Asked descriptive questions to determine suitable items to respond to the customers.
  • Created promotional, seasonal, and discounted product displays to attract customers' attention.

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