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Supply chain
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Supply chain
Supply chain
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Supply chain manager


Oversee strategic sourcing and supply chain operations for a large company in the energy sector. Create solutions to problems in materials management, warehousing, transportation, and customer service.

  • Optimized transportation network through an initiative that consolidated the efforts of 5 warehouses while reducing transportation costs.
  • Reduced operational costs by offshoring the customer service operations including 100 customer service personnel.
  • Led and mentored 25 junior supply chain analysts on operations, maintenance, and equipment use.
  • Ensured 0% loss with documented processes and procedures including onboarding handbook.

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Supply chain analyst


Analyze and propose recommendations to the business procurement strategy and supply chain management processes and procedures. Implement new digital business tools and technology to support business growth. Communicate with teams and liaison with stakeholders to develop greater systems to maximize ROI and resources.

  • Reduced 14 processes down to 8 processes for the supply chain team without sacrificing quality of output.
  • Assessed procurement gaps and made tailored recommendations to the management team that led to 10% revenue growth.
  • Increased capacity for processing supply distribution by 10%, allowing more work totaling $15,000 per year.

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Demand planner


Arranged forecast documentation for SOPs meetups every month. Proposed material level forecast to distribution and marketing teams by interpreting historical trends. Accelerated forecast agreement meetings were aligned with merchandising and economic plans for product manufacturing.

  • Utilized analytical and statistical techniques like spreadsheets to understand, forecast, and improve demand signals.
  • Created supply plans and models for the company and coordinated with supply chain, production, distribution, and finance managers for data accuracy and accessibility within the organization.
  • Used Logility planning modules and ensure the evaluation of new opportunities according to market dynamics, resulting in profitably increasing up to 30%, and effectively handled global supply chains.

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Supply chain manager

Entry level

Performed management duties for a soft drink company.

  • Created workflow diagrams to track progress on production costs and task efficiency.
  • Researched trends and patterns to determine demographics of customers such as age, economic status, and ethnicity.
  • Ensured that quality of product did not diminish and ran health and sanitation tests for FDA compliance.
  • Optimized operational efficiencies to improve production, packaging, and shipping operations.
  • Communicated calmly and politely with employees daily through email and in-person meetings.
  • Performed safety inspections in assembly rooms and reported any issues to my supervisor.
  • Resolved issues with retailers and customers on product delivery and quality.

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Supply chain analyst

Entry level

Created, implemented, and evaluated plans related to production and operations.

  • Accelerated close relationships with product management, operational, project quality, and logistics teams to resolve prospective issues.
  • Gathered logistic data using the ERP Oracle database and evaluated the most suitable approach to minimize production costs.
  • Used advanced Excel skills to summarize various warehouse data and to identify relevant data that resulted in a 20% reduction in overall data collection costs.
  • Analyzed supply chain performance by creating product forecasting models based on previous sales outcomes.
  • Evaluated 50+ supplier accounts and monitored stock levels to reduce the receivable cost by up to 30% in the last three years.

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Demand planner

Entry level

Analyzed the company's data and forecasted upcoming outcomes based on historical data that assisted the production team in analyzing supply chain deficits.

  • Proposed data-driven solutions for demand and sales forecast accuracy to update supply quantities, delivery period, and expenses in compliance with policies.
  • Created monthly material management reports for the production team and updated the SAP system, enabling each department to access and utilize shared insights across the organization.
  • Managed Excel spreadsheets for evaluation and update of stock balances, delivered ad hoc reporting to the marketing department and did material requirement planning (MRP) for inventory control.

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Supply chain manager


Provided supply chain management services for an e-commerce startup.

  • Devised strategies to manage the flow of information, resources, and funds provided to the company’s budget.
  • Communicated with suppliers, producers, and wholesalers to ensure prompt and cost-effective transportation and delivery of inventory.
  • Managed and supervised a team of 12 to solve daily operational issues and come up with long-term and short-term goals for company growth.
  • Regularly inspected inventory for mislabeling, product defects, and health and safety violations.
  • Performed audits and assessments on warehouse spaces to determine level of efficiency of operations.
  • Implemented barcode technology to accurately track and monitor inventory.

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Supply chain analyst


Develop strategies to streamline supply chain operations, ease costs and expenses through strategic sourcing, and improve accuracies with inventory management. Strategize performance improvement initiatives that boost productivity. Mobilize teams to meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Implemented or changed over 30 process improvement strategies that reduce average delivery time by 30%.
  • Negotiated product costs to secure an annual savings of 20% from new vendors.
  • Revitalized an aged performance management program that boosted productivity 50%.
  • Sourced a new vendor for a vital product at half the cost of the original vendor.

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Supply chain manager


Worked as a supply chain manager for a semi-truck manufacturing company.

  • Managed and supervised 5 production teams of 8 employees for quality assurance.
  • Wrote up job performance evaluations for the operations manager to review.
  • Monitored and inspected assembly lines for health and safety violations.
  • Applied LEAN practices into production flow and reduced budget costs by 25%.
  • Recorded and reported all unexpected issues with quality, efficiency, and on-time delivery.
  • Performed interviews for potential employees and was responsible for hiring and firing of employees.
  • Worked with advanced computer software to track inventory and develop detailed plans on production and assembly.

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