Supply chain analyst

Supply chain analyst
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Supply chain analyst
Supply chain analyst
Resume examples

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Experience level

Supply chain analyst


Analyze and propose recommendations to the business procurement strategy and supply chain management processes and procedures. Implement new digital business tools and technology to support business growth. Communicate with teams and liaison with stakeholders to develop greater systems to maximize ROI and resources.

  • Reduced 14 processes down to 8 processes for the supply chain team without sacrificing quality of output.
  • Assessed procurement gaps and made tailored recommendations to the management team that led to 10% revenue growth.
  • Increased capacity for processing supply distribution by 10%, allowing more work totaling $15,000 per year.

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Supply chain analyst

Entry level

Created, implemented, and evaluated plans related to production and operations.

  • Accelerated close relationships with product management, operational, project quality, and logistics teams to resolve prospective issues.
  • Gathered logistic data using the ERP Oracle database and evaluated the most suitable approach to minimize production costs.
  • Used advanced Excel skills to summarize various warehouse data and to identify relevant data that resulted in a 20% reduction in overall data collection costs.
  • Analyzed supply chain performance by creating product forecasting models based on previous sales outcomes.
  • Evaluated 50+ supplier accounts and monitored stock levels to reduce the receivable cost by up to 30% in the last three years.

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Supply chain analyst


Develop strategies to streamline supply chain operations, ease costs and expenses through strategic sourcing, and improve accuracies with inventory management. Strategize performance improvement initiatives that boost productivity. Mobilize teams to meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Implemented or changed over 30 process improvement strategies that reduce average delivery time by 30%.
  • Negotiated product costs to secure an annual savings of 20% from new vendors.
  • Revitalized an aged performance management program that boosted productivity 50%.
  • Sourced a new vendor for a vital product at half the cost of the original vendor.

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