Assistant buyer

Assistant buyer
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Assistant buyer
Assistant buyer
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Assistant buyer


Procured products, materials, and supplies for business operations and individual customer requirements. Worked with contractors and subcontractors to allocate materials accordingly. Processed MRO requisitions and maintain records of all purchases and deliveries.

  • Coordinated proposals, contracts, and purchase orders with over 20 vendors and suppliers.
  • Ordered up to $300,000 in materials and supplies each month, proactively replenishing inventory to avoid shortages and delays.
  • Obtained and evaluated quotes from suppliers, working with head buyer to select best offer.
  • Negotiated new contract with vendor, saving company $10,000 annually.
  • Reduced spending on 1 material by identifying new supplier who offered the same quality material at a lower cost.

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Assistant buyer

Entry level

Responsible for selecting inventory for sale and display in retail store. Tracked sales trends to adapt to market demands.

  • Surveyed customers to determine purchasing habits and consumer needs.
  • Observed and evaluated sales trends in industry and adapted accordingly.
  • Resolved issues with product suppliers.
  • Evaluated purchase orders for quality and sustainability.
  • Worked with supply chain management to track orders for efficient delivery of products.
  • Recorded and filed closed purchase orders.
  • Managed the replenishment of products to ensure adequate supply.
  • Researched marketplace for pricing changes and availability of products.
  • Followed established practices to gather quotes.

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Assistant buyer


Responsible for liaising with vendors, determining the terms and conditions of purchases, and evaluating sales of products. Identified company needs based on supply and demand.

  • Interviewed suppliers and merchants to determine the quality and availability of products.
  • Inspected products to be purchased for defects and inconsistencies.
  • Tracked budget and revenue and reported results to supervisors.
  • Monitored inventory teams to ensure delivery of products have been fulfilled.
  • Trained sales teams in the department of inventory management.
  • Tracked foreign exchange rates when working with international suppliers.
  • Compared price quotations of vendors to determine the most cost-effective delivery methods.

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