Brand strategist

Brand strategist
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Brand strategist
Brand strategist
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Experience level

Brand strategist


Provided strategic oversight of the development, management, and execution of marketing programs consisting of traditional and digital marketing, B2B/B2C, social media, email marketing and, content strategy. Directed the development of data-driven strategies for driving brand exposure by utilizing consumer insights and market intelligence to create targeted, effective marketing campaigns. Drove revenue growth by restructuring and improving marketing strategies.

  • Managed the project from conception to completion; Researched, developed, implemented, and generated 24 pieces of supporting collateral within 60 days. Created 26 pieces under the deadline; exceeded the target by 8%.
  • Developed 2 new product concepts for future product launches
  • Maximized revenue and brand awareness by crafting powerful advertising, PR, social media, and trade campaigns.
  • Created the company’s brand slogan which received a 60 % approval rating; proved to be one of the best performing vision statements.
  • Authored detailed brand creative briefs and developed a value proposition statement for the company and aligned with sales objective.
  • Conducted Keynote Webinar, which led to a strategic partnership proposal with the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Presented keynote webinar to FPA members; generated 100 sales leads.
  • Produced 10 custom pitch decks per month for 2 years. Collaborated with sales leadership to create video scripts.
  • Served as a knowledgeable Advisor for portfolio management team; Identified gaps and risks in long-short products and suggested solutions.

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Brand strategist

Entry level

Developed and executed strategic assessment and design of the company’s brand while establishing new relationships with local clients and delivering ideas and concepts that set them apart from competitors by placing them in unique positions for better brand awareness and market growth.

  • Collaborated with business development and accounts teams to establish an efficient and seamless workflow to deliver desired results to our clients.
  • Developed and conducted qualitative research activities to identify deep insights that create the foundation for successful brand strategies.
  • Researched our clients’ current marketing strategies, identified target audiences, and defined market share to summarize strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • Followed and predicted trends to create and implement high-impact strategies in ever-changing marketplaces.
  • Collaborated with the marketing team and lead strategist to develop “big-picture” campaigns and messages that aligned with client goals and objectives.

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Brand strategist


Shaped and advised marketing and brand teams to strengthen the commercial presence of the company’s products and services. Consolidated the department’s tasks and responsibilities to increase productivity and reduce costs. Worked cross-functionally with numerous teams to execute company strategies.

  • Revitalized and implemented a comprehensive marketing plan to increase brand awareness and ensure best practices were followed.
  • Led multiparty negotiations between management, clients, and local advertisers to maximize brand campaigns and saving an average of 12% per account.
  • Established consensus among diverse New York stakeholders, resulting in a 35% increase in brand awareness and 24% in annual revenue.
  • Worked cross-functionally with management and the e-commerce team to ensure the company’s goals and initiatives were efficiently executed.
  • Utilized consumer insights and other research data to define target audiences and create engaging and informative campaigns.

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