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Sales representative

Sales representative


Handled all client relations and sales for portfolio of 70-80 accounts. Conducted sales presentations to decision makers and generate quotes that meet each client’s needs. Worked effectively in remote and office settings while traveling ~50% of the time. Maintained in-depth knowledge of product and services portfolio.

  • Awarded President’s Club in 2018, 2019, and 2020 for achieving over 105% of sales goal.
  • Grew major client account by 50% by earning their trust and recommending service that solved one of their key problems.
  • Sourced 10 new clients through cold calling and digital lead conversion.
  • Organized monthly events to demonstrate products and services, building pipeline of over 600 prospective clients.
  • Selected for and completed sales leadership development program.

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Sales representative


Promoted to invigorate stagnant sales growth and revitalize product launch/development. Managed $25M district P&L among 150 employees and 1.5K partners. Optimized retention strategies through renovating company value proposition to address clients’ changing needs. Maximized local resources and relationships to implement company-wide sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Managed customer relationships with local distribution centers and partners to drive district sales before initial product launch.
  • Achieved the highest district customer renewal rate, increasing 15% from prior year.
  • Rebuilt continuing education and training resources for associate sales representatives, raising individual quota achievement 17% over two years.

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Sales manager

Sales manager


Coached and motivated team of 5 sales representatives covering nearly 1,000 accounts. Conducted all interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training for sales team. Lead daily meetings to align representatives with current goals and strategies. Identified new market opportunities and continually generate leads.

  • Built and managed pipeline of prospective clients, expanding client base 15% within 2 years through in-person and digital outreach.
  • Provided personalized coaching for each team member to leverage their strengths and maximize results.
  • Managed 10-15 key client accounts that add over $10M in annual revenue.
  • Achieved 104% of sales goal in first year and 112% in second year.
  • Implemented corporate incentive program that resulted in a 25% increase in sales within the first month.

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Sales manager


Oversaw hiring, training and management of team of 15-20 sales representatives. Created strategy to continually achieve and exceed sales goals by prospecting clients and implementing effective sales processes. Directly managed key accounts and served as escalation point for client issues and concerns.

  • Achieved 105% of sales quota in 2019 and 102% in 2020.
  • Introduced new coaching strategy for sales reps, creating customized plans that capitalize on individual strengths and motivators and holding monthly 1-on-1 meetings to review plan.
  • Implemented Salesforce to track over 10,000 prospective clients and manage 500+ existing client accounts.
  • Grew 5 major accounts by 30% by building client rapport and presenting solutions to client needs.
  • Created new sales materials for current and upcoming products.

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Sales associate

Sales associate


Delivered exceptional customer experience by engaging in conversation, learning customer needs, and recommending products. Ensured product is available and easy to shop by filling merchandise gaps on shelves and staging product in an attractive, non-cluttered manner. Continually delivered on sales goals in conjunction with team.

  • Engaged with 30-50 customers each shift, building rapport and suggesting items.
  • Identified opportunities for cross-sales and up-selling, averaging $750 in additional sales per week.
  • Created inviting store displays that attract dozens of shoppers every day.
  • Performed store resets, balance cash drawers and locked up store each night.
  • Recognized as top performer in the store and top 10% within region.

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Retail sales associate


Greet and assist customers in identifying products that meet their needs. Check out guests, processing both card and cash payments accurately. Multitask on a daily basis, performing responsibilities like answering phone, stocking shelves, and other tasks that arise.

  • Work on morning shift, completing product markdowns before the end of the weekly cycle.
  • Help dozens of customers daily, both on the phone and in the store.
  • Proactively replenish merchandise by moving products from stock room to shelves.
  • Earned Employee of the Month in July 2020 due to exceptional customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to support team.
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and recommend products to customers in order to drive sales.

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Developed and executed sourcing strategy for manufacturing company that produces over 100K products per year across 3 plants. Interfaced with suppliers and purchasing locations, acquiring all merchandise and equipment for production.

  • Distributed materials and supplies to 3 locations, which collectively support over 2,000 customers and generate $20M in monthly revenue.
  • Awarded 2 long-term contracts to suppliers, locking in prices 20% below market average.
  • Analyzed profit and loss margins, making adjustments to achieve revenue goals.
  • Procured over $5M in equipment as part of capital planning project, which increased equipment lifespan by 5 years.
  • Prepared and presented business case for expanding production of specific product, resulting in 30% increase in revenue while costs only increased 10%.

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Assistant buyer


Procured products, materials, and supplies for business operations and individual customer requirements. Worked with contractors and subcontractors to allocate materials accordingly. Processed MRO requisitions and maintain records of all purchases and deliveries.

  • Coordinated proposals, contracts, and purchase orders with over 20 vendors and suppliers.
  • Ordered up to $300,000 in materials and supplies each month, proactively replenishing inventory to avoid shortages and delays.
  • Obtained and evaluated quotes from suppliers, working with head buyer to select best offer.
  • Negotiated new contract with vendor, saving company $10,000 annually.
  • Reduced spending on 1 material by identifying new supplier who offered the same quality material at a lower cost.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples

Sales representative

Highly energetic and driven sales representative constantly achieves revenue targets, exceeds client networks, and accomplishes company objectives with exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Manages zones with a structured and effective strategy to capture new clients to maximize growth opportunities. Follows up diligently on all leads and customers with professional and keen analytical abilities to generate new income streams.

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Sales manager

Empathic and resilient sales manager with expertise in implementing sales strategies, coaching and mentoring new sales reps, and analytical aptitude to recognize patterns and sales trends. Outstanding communication and organizational skills to develop active and engaging collaboration across customer-facing departments, including customer support and marketing, to maintain deals moving through the sales funnel.

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Sales associate

Enthusiastic and friendly Sales Associate with a year of experience participating in sales planning and strategy development. Proven capacity to identify new sales prospects, close sales, realize set goals and establish professional relationships. Brings exceptional organizational and communication skills, the facility to grasp new concepts quickly, and an outgoing positive personality.

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Trustworthy buyer with expertise in purchasing, procurement, and resource allocation. Excels at building relationships with suppliers, vendors, and clients in order to negotiate better contracts and increase bottom-line profits. Highly skilled at optimizing inventory levels to minimize costs while ensuring availability of supplies and materials. Collaborates with business leaders to adjust purchases in order to meet company goals.

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Objective examples

Sales representative

A success-driven and customer-focused sales representative with experience in problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and customer relationship management. Seeks an opportunity to utilize sales and persuasive expertise to exceed sales targets and convert prospective clients into repeat customers in a challenging workplace.

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Sales manager

An ambitious, target-focused, and assertive sales manager with 9+ years of experience in problem-solving and strategic thinking to improve the sales approach. Seeks a role to develop promotions, oversee earning goals, and negotiate contracts through strategic planning, analysis, communication, and interpersonal skills.

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Sales associate

Enthusiastic and driven Junior Sales Associate seeking an entry-level position with Springfield Sales Inc. to apply and hone customer service, problem-solving, and sales skills.

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Detail-oriented professional with 6 years of successful experience in delivering operational support to vendors through researching, evaluating, and buying products within large-scale supply-chain / warehouse operations. Deep knowledge of high-volume inventory control strategies. Looking for the Buyer role in the organizations where I can best utilize my skills to optimize operations and processes to maximize productivity.

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