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Sales representative
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Sales representative
Sales representative
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Sales representative


Handled all client relations and sales for portfolio of 70-80 accounts. Conducted sales presentations to decision makers and generate quotes that meet each client’s needs. Worked effectively in remote and office settings while traveling ~50% of the time. Maintained in-depth knowledge of product and services portfolio.

  • Awarded President’s Club in 2018, 2019, and 2020 for achieving over 105% of sales goal.
  • Grew major client account by 50% by earning their trust and recommending service that solved one of their key problems.
  • Sourced 10 new clients through cold calling and digital lead conversion.
  • Organized monthly events to demonstrate products and services, building pipeline of over 600 prospective clients.
  • Selected for and completed sales leadership development program.

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Entry level

Engage prospective customers via phone, chat, email, and text message to discuss company products. Recommend solutions based on customer needs. Work with team to achieve monthly and quarterly goals.

  • Handle up to 50 customer calls per day, answering questions about products and initiating sales.
  • Input orders into system and collaborate with operations team to track orders and answer questions regarding order status.
  • Contribute to team performance, achieving goal of 5/5 reviews on surveys.
  • Ask qualifying questions, present products, and explain product benefits to customers.
  • Attend weekly trainings on topics like consultative sales, new product offerings, and industry trends.

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Car salesman

Entry level

Greet customers and use a consultative approach to learn their needs and recommend vehicles. Accompany customers on test drives and answer their questions about features. Manage accounts in dealer management system. Provide regular post-sales follow-up to create lifelong customers.

  • Continually exceeded monthly sales goal by selling over 25 cars per month.
  • Received bonus for creating over 50 repeat customers.
  • Worked with finance team to qualify customers and negotiate terms, exceeding goals by closing 44% of sales last year.
  • Provide exceptional customer service, earning the highest customer satisfaction rating at dealership out of 25 sales representatives.
  • Present add-on options, resulting in additional product sales for at least 70% of deals.

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Sales consultant


Responsible for educating customers on the benefits and side effects of a variety of products under the company brand. Performed sales promotion strategies to drive sales of products.

  • Arranged meetings with customers for discussing products.
  • Established long-term working relationships to generate repeat business.
  • Delivered surveys to customers to ensure satisfaction with products and services and ways to improve customer relations.
  • Researched and observed sales statistics, figures, and trends.
  • Registered and maintained social media accounts to post announcements and promotions of new products and services.
  • Trained and supervised sales assistants and front desk clerks.

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Sales engineer


Respond to client’s technical concerns and develop product solutions for clients. Perform regular security reviews and troubleshoot any issues regarding sales system, leveraging broad IT knowledge to quickly resolve concerns. Support additional client-facing tasks like conferencing and webinars.

  • Built internal library with standard responses to sales and product concerns.
  • Analyzed sales data and developed new pricing model that grew revenue 20% year over year.
  • Respond to dozens of requests each week, with an average turnaround time of 2 days.
  • Engage in business development, reaching out to potential customers to expand sales base and revenue potential.
  • Prepare and submit proposals to customers, converting over 50% into contracts.

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Sales representative


Promoted to invigorate stagnant sales growth and revitalize product launch/development. Managed $25M district P&L among 150 employees and 1.5K partners. Optimized retention strategies through renovating company value proposition to address clients’ changing needs. Maximized local resources and relationships to implement company-wide sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Managed customer relationships with local distribution centers and partners to drive district sales before initial product launch.
  • Achieved the highest district customer renewal rate, increasing 15% from prior year.
  • Rebuilt continuing education and training resources for associate sales representatives, raising individual quota achievement 17% over two years.

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Championed regulatory compliance and FIFO best practices while stocking and maintaining shelves to minimize product loss and maximize inventory management efforts.

  • Undertook additional responsibilities during daily stocking and organizing tasks, which included reviewing expiration dates on products aisle by aisle.
  • Ensured proper display organization according to FIFO guidelines while completing stocking duties.
  • Championed proper best practices determining where and how food product is displayed to increase marketability.

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Car salesman

Entry level

Maintained a positive relationship with previous and prospective clients by recommending trade-ins, responding to inquiries, and recommending sales promotions and campaigns.

  • Greeted potential clients, evaluated buyers' needs, and advised cars based on their requirements.
  • Researched new car trends via automotive launches to remain updated and gave the best recommendations to prospective customers.
  • Referred customers to auto mechanics for service concerns and repairs.
  • Reported to the sales manager about car reviews, evaluations, analyses, objectives, and scheduled activities to improve company sales.
  • Participated in the dealership's and manufacturers' sales meetings and training.
  • Escorted clients on test drives and highlighted the features of cars.

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Sales consultant

Entry level

Worked with a team of strategists in the department of sales and marketing. Served as a middleperson between customers and corporations for promoting store brand products.

  • Established and met goals for selling products and increasing profits.
  • Monitored revenue and sales performances and suggested new selling strategies.
  • Compiled quarterly reports on sales figures and statistics.
  • Used statistical analysis software to track sales numbers.
  • Recruited clients through cold calling and social media.
  • Answered questions about products and recorded feedback from customers.
  • Devised methods to reach a variety of demographics.
  • Performed demonstrations of products to prove functionality.

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Sales engineer


Worked as a technical salesperson for an electronics company. Relayed to customers the specifics of complex technical products and how to operate them.

  • Assisted sales managers with product demonstrations.
  • Prepared presentations on new technological products to customers and business partners.
  • Generated leads and performed follow-ups with customers.
  • Arranged for home deliveries of larger products.
  • Trained sales teams in understanding how to operate products and answer frequent questions from customers.
  • Evaluated sales data and suggested new strategies for selling.
  • Researched market for new products and developed guides for operation of new products.
  • Offered repair services for malfunctioning, nonrefundable products.

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