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Sales executive
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Sales executive
Sales executive
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Sales executive


Direct new and existing sales, leading sales team training to generate leads and positively impact the bottom line. Develop business proposals including value propositions, terms, and price negotiations. Grew sales revenue and market shares with service / account management, direct sales, channel development, training, and contract negotiation.

  • Closed $5.4M in deals with 60 new international industry leaders and Fortune 500 Companies in 2017.
  • Developed and implemented new sales process including script development from lead to close within Salesforce CRM; 50% better team closing rates in just 30 days of implementation.
  • Executed innovative online sales initiative leading to 17% annual revenue increase.

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Sales executive


Oversee strategic sales planning and branding strategies to improve product market penetration and ROI growth by overhauling sales processes. Manage rapidly growing accounts through administration of excellent customer relationship management, building a sustainable pipeline and opportunities to quickly close on high-value deals.

  • Implemented strategies to promote the Mobile Trade-In Program for a busy provider of industry-leading technology, analytics, and logistics solutions for mobile carriers; $2.8M annual revenue growth.
  • Coordinated HubSpot digital marketing campaign and increased online reach through SEO, email campaigns, and website redesign resulting in 300% lead generation improvement.
  • Grew overall sales revenue $6M in one quarter through direct and channel sales, earning 2020 Executive Club award for achieving 130% of goal.

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Sales executive

Entry level

Responsible for finding innovative product solutions for customers and business partners. Maintained long-term relations with stakeholders for expanding businesses and increasing profits.

  • Kept track of market numbers and trends to identify potential in sales opportunities.
  • Followed up on leads to establish additional partnerships.
  • Reported bi-annual sales leads, metrics, and target goals.
  • Managed several small teams over a period of seven months.
  • Oversaw profits increase by 18% over a period of two years.
  • Conducted audits of accounts.
  • Reported to Senior Director of sales.
  • Prepared annual and quarterly budgets and forecasts.
  • Evaluated customer needs through market research.

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