Business development manager

Business development manager
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Business development manager
Business development manager
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Business development manager


Develop and execute market strategies to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Network with industry players and evaluate new markets for expansion. Collaborate with product development and marketing teams to explore new partnerships. Manage key contracts and serve as face of company during presentations and pitches.

  • Generated over $1M in new revenue by developing new products, partnerships, and contracts.
  • Built and managed sales process from contract negotiations to after-sales services.
  • Coordinated delivery of new product features for existing and prospective clients.
  • Grew business relationships with 5 North American business partners and onboarded 3 new partners.
  • Opened new Seattle office, hiring all staff and setting up business operations.

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Business development manager

Entry level

Responsible for generating and pursuing leads and cold calling potential customers. Outlined and developed plans for marketing products and services to various demographics.

  • Maintained a 30% conversion rate.
  • Established and maintained working relationships with key customer accounts.
  • Advised customers on benefits of products and services.
  • Observed marketing trends and developments.
  • Researched marketing strategies to be used in recruiting and retaining customers and stakeholders.
  • Organized and performed presentations to colleagues and affiliate businesses.
  • Collaborated with team members to create effective sales pitch strategies.
  • Initiated opportunities to collaborate with local businesses on cross promoting products and services.

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Business development manager


Led and trained teams to identify key sales demographics, pursue leads, negotiate, and build partnerships. Recruited prospects for sales teams with a retention rate of 40%.

  • Managed and retained partnerships with local, national, and international companies.
  • Contributed to the success of a highly effective sales plan that saw revenue increase by 35%.
  • Estimated market predictions and reported findings.
  • Liaised with affiliates to create brand recognition strategies.
  • Increased customer engagement through direct marketing.
  • Participated in social media usage to create engaging content to recruit customers and develop leads.
  • Performed research to identify key markets and demographics and implement recruitment strategies.

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