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Sales coordinator
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Sales coordinator
Sales coordinator
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Sales coordinator

Entry level

Support sales team by managing incoming sales leads and responding to prospective customer inquiries. Contribute to new hire onboarding and training as well as overall management of all accounts. Combine strong customer service skills and technology ability to provide efficient sales operations.

  • Handle customer complaints with tact and professionalism, resolving at least 20 customer issues and inquiries every day.
  • Collaborate with 14 sales representatives to assign accounts.
  • Train sales representatives on CRM and troubleshoot technical issues with account management.
  • Organize and process over 100 incoming leads per week in CRM.
  • Introduced follow-up system to reach out to prospective customers using the 2-2-2 system (follow up 2 times, 2 days and 2 weeks after initial contact).

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Sales coordinator

Entry level

Responsible for assisting customers with sales inquiries and providing real-time support. Worked with sales teams to develop effective marketing plans.

  • Implemented tactics to improve sales productivity.
  • Kept up to date with trends in marketing and sales and best practices.
  • Maintained inventory of sales items.
  • Evaluated performances of sales assistants.
  • Planed and prepared promotional events to help increase sales.
  • Provided materials such as brochures and advertisements for sales assistants to give to customers.
  • Liaised with customers to help in providing quality customer service.
  • Followed up on the restocking of out-of-stock orders and informed customers about waiting times.

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Sales coordinator


Supervised and trained sales teams and answered questions related to the sales process in a timely manner. Helped company grow profits by 22% by using innovative cold calling strategies.

  • Recommended improvements on current sales practices and oversaw profit increases.
  • Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of sales teams and provided constructive feedback.
  • Held workshops to educate new employees on sales related issues.
  • Liaised with advertising and marketing departments to ensure effectiveness of sales strategies.
  • Prepared quarterly and annual reports on sales.
  • Ensured sales assistants complied to budget constraints.
  • Followed up with customers on product and service-related inquiries.

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