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Entry level

Engage prospective customers via phone, chat, email, and text message to discuss company products. Recommend solutions based on customer needs. Work with team to achieve monthly and quarterly goals.

  • Handle up to 50 customer calls per day, answering questions about products and initiating sales.
  • Input orders into system and collaborate with operations team to track orders and answer questions regarding order status.
  • Contribute to team performance, achieving goal of 5/5 reviews on surveys.
  • Ask qualifying questions, present products, and explain product benefits to customers.
  • Attend weekly trainings on topics like consultative sales, new product offerings, and industry trends.

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Entry level

Tracked sales metrics and proposed new procedures for determining customer needs and recommending products. Petitioned store leadership for process approval, which led to 30% increase in sales across multiple departments.

  • Partnered with department team lead to assess sales metrics and develop process improvement strategy.
  • Collaborated with salesfloor colleagues to assess common sales pitches and tactics.
  • Developed flowchart based on customer interactions that streamlined conversations and increased chances of successful product recommendations and additional sales.
  • Rolled out new process within department and tracked results over 1-month period.
  • Reported improved outcomes to leadership for storewide adoption and integration.

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Championed regulatory compliance and FIFO best practices while stocking and maintaining shelves to minimize product loss and maximize inventory management efforts.

  • Undertook additional responsibilities during daily stocking and organizing tasks, which included reviewing expiration dates on products aisle by aisle.
  • Ensured proper display organization according to FIFO guidelines while completing stocking duties.
  • Championed proper best practices determining where and how food product is displayed to increase marketability.

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Led salesfloor employee training and onboarding initiatives to support sales team expansion efforts. Partnered with senior leadership to develop training programs and monitor performances.

  • Leveraged product knowledge and customer service experience to provide assistance and guidance to newly hired salespersons.
  • Piloted individual mentorship programs.
  • Oversaw onboarding progress and hands-on training tactics.
  • Documented performances and presented reports to leadership for further review.

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