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Sales manager
Sales manager
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Sales manager


Coached and motivated team of 5 sales representatives covering nearly 1,000 accounts. Conducted all interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training for sales team. Lead daily meetings to align representatives with current goals and strategies. Identified new market opportunities and continually generate leads.

  • Built and managed pipeline of prospective clients, expanding client base 15% within 2 years through in-person and digital outreach.
  • Provided personalized coaching for each team member to leverage their strengths and maximize results.
  • Managed 10-15 key client accounts that add over $10M in annual revenue.
  • Achieved 104% of sales goal in first year and 112% in second year.
  • Implemented corporate incentive program that resulted in a 25% increase in sales within the first month.

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Sales executive

Entry level

Responsible for finding innovative product solutions for customers and business partners. Maintained long-term relations with stakeholders for expanding businesses and increasing profits.

  • Kept track of market numbers and trends to identify potential in sales opportunities.
  • Followed up on leads to establish additional partnerships.
  • Reported bi-annual sales leads, metrics, and target goals.
  • Managed several small teams over a period of seven months.
  • Oversaw profits increase by 18% over a period of two years.
  • Conducted audits of accounts.
  • Reported to Senior Director of sales.
  • Prepared annual and quarterly budgets and forecasts.
  • Evaluated customer needs through market research.

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Sales coordinator

Entry level

Responsible for assisting customers with sales inquiries and providing real-time support. Worked with sales teams to develop effective marketing plans.

  • Implemented tactics to improve sales productivity.
  • Kept up to date with trends in marketing and sales and best practices.
  • Maintained inventory of sales items.
  • Evaluated performances of sales assistants.
  • Planed and prepared promotional events to help increase sales.
  • Provided materials such as brochures and advertisements for sales assistants to give to customers.
  • Liaised with customers to help in providing quality customer service.
  • Followed up on the restocking of out-of-stock orders and informed customers about waiting times.

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Business development manager


Develop and execute market strategies to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Network with industry players and evaluate new markets for expansion. Collaborate with product development and marketing teams to explore new partnerships. Manage key contracts and serve as face of company during presentations and pitches.

  • Generated over $1M in new revenue by developing new products, partnerships, and contracts.
  • Built and managed sales process from contract negotiations to after-sales services.
  • Coordinated delivery of new product features for existing and prospective clients.
  • Grew business relationships with 5 North American business partners and onboarded 3 new partners.
  • Opened new Seattle office, hiring all staff and setting up business operations.

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Sales director

Entry level

Directed sales operations and spearheaded inventory management to reduce marketing costs by 50%. Collaborated with sales team, department supervisors, senior leadership, and third party vendors.

  • Audited sales floor inventory of marketing tools.
  • Assessed current and upcoming promotions to determine sales strategies.
  • Developed sales and marketing procedures and requirements to limit excessive spending and unnecessary purchases.
  • Distributed updated procedures to sales floor teams and partnered with store leaders to coordinate operations.

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Sales manager


Oversaw hiring, training and management of team of 15-20 sales representatives. Created strategy to continually achieve and exceed sales goals by prospecting clients and implementing effective sales processes. Directly managed key accounts and served as escalation point for client issues and concerns.

  • Achieved 105% of sales quota in 2019 and 102% in 2020.
  • Introduced new coaching strategy for sales reps, creating customized plans that capitalize on individual strengths and motivators and holding monthly 1-on-1 meetings to review plan.
  • Implemented Salesforce to track over 10,000 prospective clients and manage 500+ existing client accounts.
  • Grew 5 major accounts by 30% by building client rapport and presenting solutions to client needs.
  • Created new sales materials for current and upcoming products.

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Sales executive


Direct new and existing sales, leading sales team training to generate leads and positively impact the bottom line. Develop business proposals including value propositions, terms, and price negotiations. Grew sales revenue and market shares with service / account management, direct sales, channel development, training, and contract negotiation.

  • Closed $5.4M in deals with 60 new international industry leaders and Fortune 500 Companies in 2017.
  • Developed and implemented new sales process including script development from lead to close within Salesforce CRM; 50% better team closing rates in just 30 days of implementation.
  • Executed innovative online sales initiative leading to 17% annual revenue increase.

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Sales coordinator


Supervised and trained sales teams and answered questions related to the sales process in a timely manner. Helped company grow profits by 22% by using innovative cold calling strategies.

  • Recommended improvements on current sales practices and oversaw profit increases.
  • Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of sales teams and provided constructive feedback.
  • Held workshops to educate new employees on sales related issues.
  • Liaised with advertising and marketing departments to ensure effectiveness of sales strategies.
  • Prepared quarterly and annual reports on sales.
  • Ensured sales assistants complied to budget constraints.
  • Followed up with customers on product and service-related inquiries.

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Business development manager

Entry level

Responsible for generating and pursuing leads and cold calling potential customers. Outlined and developed plans for marketing products and services to various demographics.

  • Maintained a 30% conversion rate.
  • Established and maintained working relationships with key customer accounts.
  • Advised customers on benefits of products and services.
  • Observed marketing trends and developments.
  • Researched marketing strategies to be used in recruiting and retaining customers and stakeholders.
  • Organized and performed presentations to colleagues and affiliate businesses.
  • Collaborated with team members to create effective sales pitch strategies.
  • Initiated opportunities to collaborate with local businesses on cross promoting products and services.

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Sales director


Direct western region, supervising 10 sales managers with ~200 field sales representatives. Develop and execute regional strategy while implementing nationwide promotions and programs. Build relationships with professional organizations and corporate partners. Report directly to the VP of Sales, advising on mission-critical initiatives and forward-thinking sales strategy.

  • Drove 10% year over year sales growth in region by coaching managers to more effectively incentivize and motivate teams.
  • Launched 2 new products that exceeded projections by generating over $10M in sales within the first 3 months on the market.
  • Expanded new business funnel by identifying market opportunities and delivering presentations to key groups.
  • Deployed sales training program that reduced sales rep onboarding time.
  • Analyzed sales KPIs and designed and implemented automated follow-up system that has boosted conversions and client satisfaction.

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