Sales engineer

Sales engineer
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Sales engineer
Sales engineer
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Sales engineer


Respond to client’s technical concerns and develop product solutions for clients. Perform regular security reviews and troubleshoot any issues regarding sales system, leveraging broad IT knowledge to quickly resolve concerns. Support additional client-facing tasks like conferencing and webinars.

  • Built internal library with standard responses to sales and product concerns.
  • Analyzed sales data and developed new pricing model that grew revenue 20% year over year.
  • Respond to dozens of requests each week, with an average turnaround time of 2 days.
  • Engage in business development, reaching out to potential customers to expand sales base and revenue potential.
  • Prepare and submit proposals to customers, converting over 50% into contracts.

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Sales engineer


Worked as a technical salesperson for an electronics company. Relayed to customers the specifics of complex technical products and how to operate them.

  • Assisted sales managers with product demonstrations.
  • Prepared presentations on new technological products to customers and business partners.
  • Generated leads and performed follow-ups with customers.
  • Arranged for home deliveries of larger products.
  • Trained sales teams in understanding how to operate products and answer frequent questions from customers.
  • Evaluated sales data and suggested new strategies for selling.
  • Researched market for new products and developed guides for operation of new products.
  • Offered repair services for malfunctioning, nonrefundable products.

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Sales engineer

Entry level

Worked as part of a sales team by marketing products in the technology department of a retail store. Answered questions pertaining to product parts and warranties thoroughly.

  • Researched specifics of products including product parts and functionality to better help customers.
  • Reported to supervisors any malfunctioning or damaged products.
  • Tracked inventory and restocked and reshelved as needed.
  • Assisted customers with assembling instructions for dismantled products.
  • Listened to feedback from customers and relayed information to management.
  • Negotiated sales with both individual customers and organizations.
  • Consulted with product engineers to ensure functionality and safety of products.

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