Sales assistant

Sales assistant
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Sales assistant
Sales assistant
Resume examples

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Sales assistant

Entry level

Responsible for providing information to customers to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Maintained store premises by cleaning and organizing items.

  • Greeted and welcomed customers.
  • Answered questions about store products and services with thorough and accurate information.
  • Managed cash and credit transactions.
  • Resolved customer disputes in accordance with store policies.
  • Reported issues with products and customers to store manager.
  • Collaborated with sales teams to create effective marketing strategies.
  • Created sales and clearance signs for display.
  • Wrote up purchasing orders for frequently sold-out items.
  • Adhered to dress code enforced by management.

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Sales assistant


Provide outstanding customer service as the first point of contact for prospective and current customers. Respond to customer questions and concerns, promptly resolving issues and escalating concerns when needed. Create quotes for customers and explain benefits of services.

  • Advise customers on products and services, maintaining knowledge of 3 different lines of business and 10 different services offered.
  • Upsell products to customers, generating at least $10,000 in additional monthly revenue.
  • Design promotional offers and create all digital materials for email and web advertising.
  • Enroll up to 100 new clients per month into various services.
  • Work collaboratively with sales, marketing, and business management teams to ensure smooth sales operations and happy customers.

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Sales assistant


Responsible for assisting customers with product and service inquiries. Developed sales strategies to increase company growth and revenue.

  • Tracked inventory to ensure smooth delivery and reported delivery problems to supervisor.
  • Trained and supervised newly hired sales assistants.
  • Used point of sale system software to complete sales transactions.
  • Followed up with completed sales to ensure customer satisfaction regarding products and services.
  • Maintained stocks by regularly checking supplies in storage.
  • Wrote up and sent out orders for out-of-stock items.
  • Reorganized shelves and cleaned up store aisles.
  • Provided accurate answers to customers regarding store items and services.

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