Sales consultant

Sales consultant
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Sales consultant
Sales consultant
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Sales consultant


Responsible for educating customers on the benefits and side effects of a variety of products under the company brand. Performed sales promotion strategies to drive sales of products.

  • Arranged meetings with customers for discussing products.
  • Established long-term working relationships to generate repeat business.
  • Delivered surveys to customers to ensure satisfaction with products and services and ways to improve customer relations.
  • Researched and observed sales statistics, figures, and trends.
  • Registered and maintained social media accounts to post announcements and promotions of new products and services.
  • Trained and supervised sales assistants and front desk clerks.

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Sales consultant

Entry level

Worked with a team of strategists in the department of sales and marketing. Served as a middleperson between customers and corporations for promoting store brand products.

  • Established and met goals for selling products and increasing profits.
  • Monitored revenue and sales performances and suggested new selling strategies.
  • Compiled quarterly reports on sales figures and statistics.
  • Used statistical analysis software to track sales numbers.
  • Recruited clients through cold calling and social media.
  • Answered questions about products and recorded feedback from customers.
  • Devised methods to reach a variety of demographics.
  • Performed demonstrations of products to prove functionality.

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Sales consultant


Lead sales strategy in assigned region, including lead generation, market share, and revenue growth. Build client relationships in order to add new client accounts to portfolio while growing existing accounts. Ascertain client goals and recommend products, overcoming financial objections to close sales.

  • Exceeded pipeline development goal by 1,000% within 1st year.
  • Increased revenue by $250,000 by growing 2 major accounts.
  • Attended 5 trade shows, which collectively added 5,000 new leads.
  • Strengthened client relationships and enhanced customer loyalty through regular communication.
  • Demonstrated value of new products and services, leading to 20% growth over a 6-month period.

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