Operations manager

Operations manager
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Operations manager
Operations manager
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Operations manager

Entry level

Review and restructure business processes to increase productivity and efficiency. Focus on deliverables and timelines while reducing budgetary expenses.

  • Ensured project completion with more than 90% on-time delivery metrics.
  • Reviewed scope of work, requirements, and project timelines to ensure that all requirements were being met.
  • Spearheaded employee development training which increased efficiency of high-performing employees by 50%.
  • Identified and analyzed project plans for any potential risks, and developed risk mitigation plans.

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Director of operations


Lead operational activities to achieve profit and expense goals, providing the highest possible service to the customer base, and ensuring compliance with corporate policies and government regulations. Provide a work environment that increases quality, efficiency, and safety.

  • Ensured timely delivery of needed inventory and materials for a staff of 1000+ employees.
  • Consistently improved supply chain execution and performance to reduce costs nationwide.
  • Driving force behind a company culture shift, increasing employee satisfaction by 25%.
  • Reported analysis and operations improvement plans to executive leadership, taking ownership and ensuring completion of approved initiatives.
  • Deliver all supply chain KPI’s and targeted goals and objectives.

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Operations manager


Plan and maintain work schedules while updating internal procedures and policies for maximum efficiency. Perform accounts receivable, billing, and payroll duties.

  • Tracked project status and follow up to ensure on time delivery for pending orders from vendors and contractors
  • Oversaw project managers and provide detailed analysis of current projects in weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to senior management
  • Implemented and maintain policies and procedures to aid in meeting and exceeding monthly and annual goals.
  • Developed organizational communication tools to facilitate fast and accurate information flow.

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Director of operations

Entry level

Played key roles in the budget development process and the company’s growth and expansion plans. Formulated operational strategies to amplify the overall efficiency and output and reduce costs.

  • Outlined, executed, and reviewed the company’s operational policies and guidelines, maintaining an over 95% operational efficiency rating. 
  • Conceptualized and implemented new growth directives that saw a 20% increase in revenues and a 30% increase in the market share.
  • Collaborated with the Human Resource department in crafting job descriptions and developing strategic employee training programs, ensuring the onboarding and development of top talents.

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Operations manager

Entry level

Motivate, support, and lead a large team in a time-constrained, demanding workplace. Problem-solving and career advancement plans for all direct reports.

  • Kept in regular contact with the top operations, employees, and suppliers to achieve smooth operations.
  • Created, executed, and maintained excellent quality control procedures.
  • Enhanced and maintained the organization's internal capability by increasing the efficiency of current methodologies and strategies.
  • Worked diligently toward operational and strategic goals.
  • Maintained operational processes timely and within the allocated budget.
  • Kept an eye on workforce planning and hired new workers when required.
  • Maintained compliance with requirements by coordinating closely with the safety and legal department.

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Director of operations


Owned the communication, future strategies, and team development with the senior leadership and stakeholders. Strengthened regulatory compliance and analyzed business performance against competitor and industry trends.

  • Established robust operational monitoring and management framework, fostering continued improvements that optimized the overall efficiency.
  • Leveraged customer feedback in gauging progress against KPIs, developing and implementing new policies and procedures that guaranteed high standards of customer service.
  • Routinely met with departmental heads to discuss operational issues, providing room for knowledge sharing on process improvement strategies. 

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Operations manager


Managed data gathering for updating operational to achieve productivity targets, reduce unit cost, reduce on failures, and deliver top-notch customer service.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to enhance the functionality of systems and tools.
  • Promoted compliance with regulations by coordinating closely with the legal and safety authorities.
  • Conducted budget evaluations and informed upper management of budget plans.
  • Enhanced operational management procedures, methods, and standards.
  • Purchased supplies, made inventory plans, and monitored warehouse effectiveness.
  • Defined operational and strategic goals.
  • Analyzed financial information and used it to increase profitability.
  • Executed quality checks and monitored operational KPIs.
  • Recruited, instructed, and supervised employees to achieve company goals.

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Director of operations


Directed the day-to-day operations, leveraging business acumen in developing productivity optimization strategies. Developed, implemented, and maintained quality control procedures and optimized the efficiency of each department’s processes and procedures.

  • Designed and executed a staff evaluation program, enhancing the staff appraisal process and improving the overall staff performance by 40%.
  • Convened strategic meetings with departmental heads, developing financial and operational plans that guided the achievement of the set objectives.
  • Monitored the company’s financials, continuously implementing improvements to optimize profitability. 

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Operations manager


Identified trends, added to operation information and recommendations to strategic formulation and feedback, completed investigation, accomplished action plans, resolved problems, and implemented production, productivity, and customer-service standards.

  • Monitored, planned, evaluated, and appraised job contributions while communicating job expectations.
  • Planned and evaluated remuneration actions and upheld rules and regulations.
  • Forecasted demands, created an annual budget, planned expenses, examined deviations, and took remedial action.
  • Implemented improvements through analyzing and improving organizational processes, employee needs, space requirements, and equipment arrangement.
  • Maintained a healthy and safe work environment by defining, implementing, and executing procedures and standards, and adhering to legal requirements.

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Operations manager


Observed, assessed, and worked with teams from different departments to improve the efficiency of the administration and learning centers’ daily operations.

  • Enhanced the organization's operational systems, procedures, and guidelines to support its vision.
  • Improved organizational planning, business processes, information management, and utilization of information flow.
  • Played an important role in long-term planning, particularly initiatives geared towards operational excellence.
  • Acted as consumers' first contact point for software, helped with technical inquiries and troubleshooting.
  • Managed and enhanced each support service's efficacy and efficiency through collaboration and communication between the support and marketing departments.
  • Provided customer assistance, including the creation of systems for support automation.

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