Operations manager

Operations manager
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Operations manager
Operations manager
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Operations manager

Entry level

Review and restructure business processes to increase productivity and efficiency. Focus on deliverables and timelines while reducing budgetary expenses.

  • Ensured project completion with more than 90% on-time delivery metrics.
  • Reviewed scope of work, requirements, and project timelines to ensure that all requirements were being met.
  • Spearheaded employee development training which increased efficiency of high-performing employees by 50%.
  • Identified and analyzed project plans for any potential risks, and developed risk mitigation plans.

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Operations manager


Plan and maintain work schedules while updating internal procedures and policies for maximum efficiency. Perform accounts receivable, billing, and payroll duties.

  • Tracked project status and follow up to ensure on time delivery for pending orders from vendors and contractors
  • Oversaw project managers and provide detailed analysis of current projects in weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to senior management
  • Implemented and maintain policies and procedures to aid in meeting and exceeding monthly and annual goals.
  • Developed organizational communication tools to facilitate fast and accurate information flow.

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Operations manager


Manage multiple teams and projects to ensure on-time delivery and employee efficiency. Identify risks and implement aggressive risk management strategies. Oversee all aspects of production, including planning, purchasing, inventory, and shipping.

  • Established and maintained an effective supply chain for a multimillion-dollar production line.
  • Negotiated with vendors for discounts on bulk and repeat purchases, saving over $600,000 a year in raw materials cost.
  • Work closely with managers to identify potential conflict areas and assisted in creating 200 individual employee development plans.
  • Addressed day-to-day logistics issues including shipping, receiving, and assembly, increasing weekly production by 33%.
  • Directed the purchase of upgraded equipment, resulting in a 50% manufacturing increase.

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