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Construction manager
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Construction manager
Construction manager
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Construction project manager


Oversaw several high-profile construction projects from inception to completion. Facilitated several roles: Project Manager, Project Superintendent, Project Engineer, and Lead Assistant Superintendent. Maintained positive relationships with Clients, Architects, Engineers, and other project stakeholders to facilitate pre-construction, construction, and post-construction activities. Collaborated with superintendents daily about project and subcontractor progress. Evaluated subcontractor’s bids, negotiated and prepared subcontractor agreements.

  • Managed $90 M of 200,000 SF Commercial Building and $50 M Elementary School of 100,000 SF.
  • Reviewed invoices and payment requests against open contracts, purchase orders and prepare monthly pay applications.
  • Directed all field personnel to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with superior workmanship that conformed to original plans and specifications.
  • Maintained construction paperwork by processing submittals, updated construction drawings with RFIs, ASIs, and PRs, and ensured subcontractors had the latest information.

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Construction manager


Served as a liaison between the strategic relationship, commercial teams, and contractors, as well as all internal organizations on any technical questions about the project.

  • Assured that the building project was completed on time and under budget.
  • Scheduled hot-taps, connectors, and breakdowns.
  • Planned long- and short-term activities and materials for yearly programs.
  • Interacted with architecture, marketing, and project planning to offer valuable assistance for many initiatives of different sizes.
  • Allocated machinery and resources to the customer and subcontractors to meet deadlines.
  • Organized and conducted fabrication production at local supermarkets.
  • Demanded, quickly, and efficiently fixed concerns.

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Construction superintendent


Managed and supervised end-to-end construction projects of building over $5M of custom residential homes including preparing pre-construction budgets and estimates ensuring all projects are delivered on time and within budget ensuring optimum usage of machines, labor, and materials. Supervised Foreman and contractors while effectively communicating and enforced site safety protocols to new hires.

  • Administered benefits, time, payroll, and attendance for unit staff.
  • Minimized project life cycle time by scheduling home construction meetings with the trade and supply contractors.
  • Maintained good housekeeping practices in homes and subdivisions.
  • Created project management plans aligning staffing needs for each phase of construction.
  • Appraised subcontractors’ performance and promptly submitted invoices.
  • Inspected homes to monitor progress and oversaw walkthroughs ensuring staff and subcontractors comply with company construction standards, quality control, and safety procedures.

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Construction project manager


Managed day-to-day operational aspects of projects and project scope by effectively applying methodologies that enforce project standards and minimize exposure and risks on projects. Created work plans to meet changing needs and requirements, including the identification of resources and assignments to appropriate personnel. Established processes for effective workflow, production, and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Accountable for all inbound and outbound logistics operations; coordinated transportation and warehouse activities, safety performance, quality assurance, and control.
  • Evaluated subcontractor bids, negotiated, and prepared subcontractor agreements.
  • Managed several projects and maintained excellent relationships with clients, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders.
  • Reviewed subcontractor invoices for approval; reorganized work schedules and flow to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Negotiated with clients regarding contracts for various projects and programs.
  • Managed all aspects of planning, tracking, analysis, quarterly and annual reporting, and revenue recognition using sound business acumen.
  • Established new business by driving creative marketing strategies; Email, community outreach, and social media interaction.

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Construction manager


Managed multiple residential construction projects including design, planning strategy, quality management, identifying project, and program needs and scope, evaluating performance, overseeing budgets, resolving issues, and allocating resources while ensuring projects are completed on budget. Inspected and quality checked after every phase to ensure the home meets local building codes and quality standards.

  • Conducted new home orientation and final walkthroughs with homebuyers answering all client’s questions with patience.
  • Provided weekly project progress report to the management and updated work production report.
  • Collaborated with sales, customer care, and management team to develop a strong conducive environment.
  • Maintained and timely updated the construction documents for easy access to management and field associates.
  • Resolved conflicts within staff through active listening and conducting one-on-one meetings.
  • Conducted pre-construction meetings with customers and administered the construction, inspection, and scheduling of the entire home using inspection forms, plans, and procedures.
  • Helped Customer Care Representative in handling customer care requests serving as the trusted advisor for all construction queries.
  • Recruited and trained business partners on safety, quality requirements, and payment procedures, to assure a solid vendor base.

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Construction superintendent

Entry level

Cooperated with architects, consultants, and others to determine project requirements.

  • Supervised employees and provided constructive comments.
  • Arranged inquiries and sought out development funds from local experts.
  • Implemented security and system controls.
  • Requested the appropriate hardware and set everything up for routine maintenance.
  • Kept track of material availability and orders.
  • Maintained a safe, clean, and tidy work environment.
  • Resolved concerns and situations that arose on-site.
  • Established performance objectives and timelines.
  • Organized the construction activities.
  • Calculated costs and made sure the project stayed on track.
  • Assisted the Project Manager in the drafting of the project timeline.
  • Maintained a high degree of integrity.

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Construction project manager


Managed multiple complex projects while planning and developing strategy with senior management. Accurately prepared construction cost and benefit analysis overseeing project implementation and execution throughout the completion of construction.

  • Effectively managed project budgets maintained monthly forecasts and cash flow analysis and prepared cost reports for the client.
  • Developed a detailed project budget based on historical and market data and a clearly defined set of budget assumptions.
  • Created Master Project Schedule to track each aspect of the project performance against schedules and critical path.
  • Partnered with OSHA, SWPP environment, state, country, and city inspectors to comply with safety standards.
  • Prepared project RFQ’s and/or RFP’s vendor and contractor services.
  • Facilitated a project kick-off meeting with internal staff, design team, client, and key stakeholders.
  • Provided leadership in pre-construction and post-construction process managing due diligence, program management, design, entitlements, bidding, permitting, procurement, recruitment of design team and contractors, scheduling, and vendor selection.
  • Oversaw capital improvement programs with design and construction processes at multiple sites through local/account-based resources.
  • Selected and negotiated contracts with vendors and contractors.
  • Identified potential risks such as fees, reputation, errors, and omissions and articulated with senior management.
  • Established best practices and standards for achieving quality goals.

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Construction manager


Established a reputation through aggressive marketing that emphasized comparative edge, product commitment, cost, and schedule compliance.

  • Gained the right to offer and requested supplier proposals.
  • Completed the bid tender stage, wrote contracts, and managed projects.
  • Arranged and performed both conceptual and proposal inspections for General Contractors (GCs).
  • Examined construction designs and communicated with A&E businesses about the drawings and made sure that all the development prerequisites were incorporated.
  • Examined and verified construction stages to ensure the greatest quality control system and compatibility testing.
  • Guided and supported new construction managers in the construction stage, budgeting, and quality management.

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Construction superintendent


Maintained production security, reliability, and erosion prevention while completing tasks and keeping on schedule.

  • Cooperated with different, regional, and federal authorities on climate change and permissions.
  • Monitored frac removals, bridge installations, withdrawal points, and frac roads as they related to frac activities and demands.
  • Examined and constructed ponds for different sizes, productivity, and aesthetics.
  • Inspected appropriate repairs and enhancements to renovate buildings.
  • Assisted local officials in making the most of block grant resources for housing unit development.
  • Monitored the bidding and approval of eligible vendors to carry out infrastructure projects on a range of initiatives.

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Construction project manager

Entry level

Supervised the construction of 2 medium-scale commercial projects to completion, valued at $10 million. Managed teams of up to 100 people, ensuring their full compliance with the safety regulations. 

  • Established strategic processes and procedures that fostered savings of up to $400k from projected costs.
  • Formulated and implemented new safety standards and an operations model that was instrumental in reducing accidents by 80%.
  • Utilized operations planning expertise in the management of all project activities, delivering the two projects 1 week and 5 days ahead of schedule and $150k and $250k under budget, respectively.

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