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General manager
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General manager
General manager
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Entry level

Ensure a safe working environment for all employees, executing company processes and procedures successfully. Meet or exceed annual performance goals and solve problems.

  • Reduced workplace accidents by 75% by providing updated and more frequent safety training, and provided updated learning documentation to the corporate level.
  • Mentored and managed employee development plans, increasing job efficiency by 50%.
  • Managed and reduced absenteeism, on-the-job issues, and training for all employees.
  • Interviewed and hired 15 employees in a period of six months.

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General manager


Coordinate the work of employees to deliver the highest standards and productivity possible, consistently maintaining customer satisfaction, and ensuring a clean and safe work environment. Deliver timely operational reports and collaborate with employees to identify areas that need improvement.

  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills by reducing workplace conflict by 75% in the first year.
  • Reduced waste by 20% by implementing new procedures and policies, and effectively presented these ideas at the corporate level, which have since become permanent company policy.
  • Mentored and supervised employees as needed, providing evaluations and counseling as needed.
  • Fostered a healthy company culture, reducing turnover by 25%.
  • Build brand awareness in the community by engaging with top-spending customers and organizing large events.

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Monitor procedures and standards to efficiently produce and maintain high quality products and services. Supervise, train, and coach all production associates, interview new candidates, and extend job offers.

  • Achieved customer satisfaction scores over 95% while maintaining company target objectives for cost, quality, and safety.
  • Maintained records of all phases of production, including safety and labor-related issues.
  • Responsible for day-to-day manufacturing operations, including managing schedules and dealing with absenteeism.
  • Evaluated employee performance and developed employee improvement plans, increasing employee efficiency by 15%.

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General manager


Managed the day-to-day operations, conceptualizing and executing impactful strategies for business growth and performance improvement. Developed KPIs for key functions and directly supervised departmental heads and managers.

  • Fostered a 40% business growth through strategic decision-making on key investments and the establishment of targeted goals and objectives.
  • Amplified customer satisfaction by 30% through the continuous improvement in customer service and offerings.
  • Optimized staff output by onboarding high-performing talent and establishing individualized and team training and mentorship programs.

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Responsible for all aspects of operations, including raw materials receiving, assembly, and shipping. Manage schedules, employees, and workflow improvements. Supervise and train new employees with a focus on workplace safety and productivity.

  • Interviewed, hired, and trained 50 new employees in one year.
  • Exceeded productivity quotas by 20% for the year by identifying new workflow processes and utilizing new training materials.
  • Evaluated and tested newly manufactured products for quality assurance.
  • Managed inventory storage and shipping, working closely with operations managers to reduce delivery costs by 30%.
  • Championed positive company culture, improving employee morale by 15% and reducing employee turnover by 40%.

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General manager


Directed key turnaround initiatives in employee performance, customer service, operations, as well as profitability and cost containment. Established robust frameworks for staff training and development and continuous process improvement.

  • Drove a benchmark sales turnaround that saw an improvement from $20 million in sales against a target of $35 million to $50 million within a year.
  • Reworked the go-to-market strategy, growing the market share from 30% to over 55% within three years, which was previously considered a mirage.
  • Grew the strategic management team from 4 to 9, facilitating the development of game-changing strategies that slashed costs and improved profitability by 30% and 42%, respectively.

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Oversaw warehouse operations and staff performance at high-volume, mid-sized logistics companies. Advised clients on process improvements utilizing updated budgeting and cost-saving data. Managed shipments deliveries and resolved issues related to faulty merchandise and damaged returns.

  • Directed the daily workflow of plant operations crews, ensuring a safe work environment for all team members and collaborating with the engineering staff to resolve production issues.
  • Maintained closed communication with the shipping clerk and logistics team to confirm on-time delivery of all shipments. Verified that each shift was fully staffed and that all machine lines were in operation to ensure high product quality for each custom order.
  • Interviewed seasonal employees for temporary hire and supervised over 50 direct reports, focusing on claim processing, customer service, and OHSA compliance within the warehouse.
  • Reduced overtime by 15% and accelerated returns processing time by 42% by introducing new training initiatives to improve the productivity of the customer service desk as well as refreshing staff schedules based on service needs.
  • Trained 35 associates on customer service best practices and how to take the lead in teamwork, efficiency, and accuracy.

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General manager

Entry level

Manage daily operations and a team of employees at a retail location. Ensure compliance with company safety and quality standards, and maintain target objectives for sales and community engagement.

  • Managed all aspects of day-to-day operations including budget creation, service initiatives, employee metrics, and payroll.
  • Monitored and developed team member performance, provided supervision when needed, and reduced turnover by 15%.
  • Interviewed and recruited 10 additional team members over 1 year.
  • Identified operational performance, productivity, and efficiency gaps and increased employee efficiency by 30% over 1 year.

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Coordinated employee operations, trained new staff, and fostered an environment where employees were motivated to deliver top performance. Managed auditing procedures, drafted internal control recommendation letters to clients, and consulted with partners on process improvements in the areas of divisional profitability, management exception reporting, and break-even analysis.

  • Increased sales to more than $3 million by investigating alternative product distribution methods and strengthening working relationships with clients and business partners.
  • Performed ongoing training of 21 part-time IT Support Technicians and 15 front-line team members, coaching staff on customer loyalty and how to leave a positive impression on clients.
  • Assisted with the preparation of worker compensation audits, annual budgets, costs, and reviewed management representation letters before final accountants' and auditors' reports.
  • Trained and supervised 18 new hires, evaluating their performance, and coaching them on accident prevention, departmental procedures, and customer assistance.
  • Drafted accurate monthly reports for the upper management personnel, providing detailed information on statistical performance and plans for future improvements.

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