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IT manager
IT manager
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Scrum master


Developed agile principles and scrum communication techniques in day-to-day activities related to product development. Partnered with customers, internal and external stakeholders, and all the departments (including sales and operations) articulating agile backlog priorities. Fostered team participation by implementing feedback methods and successfully created innovative workflows, which significantly reduced the accountability of team leaders.

  • Built Agile-Water fall Hybrid (Agifall) by combining waterfall and Agile Processes into one approach; resulted in increased speed, decreased cost, and improved quality.
  • Translates epics, acceptance criteria, and requirements into user stories to be completed within a sprint, further develop sprints and test to identify bugs, issues, and defects at an early stage.
  • Held daily scrum meetings and ideation sessions. Kept stakeholders apprised of project statuses and collaborated with leaders across business units to align initiatives.
  • Supervised 5 UX designers for web applications and streamlined elevator and escalator monitoring.

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IT manager


Launched cutting-edge technology, controlled costs, and provided innovative solutions while improving organizational efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Delivered IT operational excellence and led efficient and banking solutions.

  • Spearheaded business continuity and recovery infrastructure initiative by launching the disaster recovery program.
  • Matured IT security to mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and create a secure environment.
  • Deployed1x across the entire landscape by increasing security and enabling global roaming capability which dramatically increased resiliency, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Automated commercial loan underwriting process by implementing a robust Business Intelligence (BI) solution.
  • Initiated innovative comprehensive global IT Modernization Program Management Organizational Structure, significantly improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced the infrastructure annual OpEx budget by $10M, increased bandwidth and network performance at 50 sites.
  • Build MPLS GWAN at 50 large client manufacturing sites; designed and upgraded LAN infrastructure.
  • Implemented system without negative business impact while maintaining high system service level
  • Recruited, mentored, and developed employees to achieve high retention, empowering IT resources to participate in strategic transformational projects and discussions.

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IT project manager


Implemented Agile processes for Fortune 500 Clients. Oversaw day-to-day support of large, complex, product development projects and collaborates with cross-functional teams to manage resource allocations, develop program metrics, perform budget oversight, determine the scope, and provide delivery status to the executive team.

  • Contributed to the company’s market value of $1M through product innovation, effective project management, and grooming staff to become industry leaders in customer loyalty and performance.
  • Provided technical direction and leadership to teams by continually guiding, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Successfully presented effective routine Sprint review(demo) to business stakeholders.
  • Maximized company profitability by 300% in 3 years by introducing best-practice programs and high-impact operating procedures to promote sustainable development for all projects companywide.
  • Streamlined Account Receivable Operations; optimized the accounting and commerce platform by reducing the billing error rate and increased the recovery rate.
  • Launched a consistent, scalable customer contract tracking program; implemented process across 1,836 branches which significantly increased accountability and reduced time (a single report which took an internal contracts team 4 weeks now takes 30 minutes).
  • Served as point of contact for customers from design requirements, development, testing, implementation, post-go-live support, and long-term retention of customers.

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IT director


Directed cross-functional troubleshooting for complex financial systems, software, applications, and programs; provided recommendations for solutions and improvement. Led modernization technology platforms by creating scalable solutions and initiating Unified Communication spanning multiple facets of information systems.

  • Piloted internal consulting practice initiatives, contributing to knowledge exchange and mentoring of consultants.
  • Reduced costs and enhanced service levels on “in-progress” projects through developing thorough agreements, developing strategies, conducting financial analyses, selecting approved suppliers, and negotiating prices.
  • Managed RFP development and vendor selection process for Cloud Service provider, network infrastructure, and data center, establishing clear vendor evaluation criteria.
  • Designed and documented current state architecture, operational capability definitions, and RFP templates.
  • Implemented IT transformation program at 50 large manufacturing client sites; upgraded MPLS GWAN, LAN infrastructure, and network performance, while reducing the budget by $10M.
  • Spearheaded IT infrastructure separation management office, providing leadership and training to the 4-person technical team and streamlined blueprinting across various IT services.
  • Built Transition Service Agreement (TSA) pricing model which increased the company’s annual revenue by $39M.

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