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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Spearheaded a wide variety of business development initiatives and marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness and profitability. Consulted with external clients and business partners regarding operations management, strategy development, and networking strategies to favor revenue growth and expense reduction.

  • Participated in all facets of the company by working closely with other executive members to sustain growth, develop ambitious business strategies, and set short and long-term objectives to enhance the brand’s image.
  • Achieved an average annual growth of 55% by exploiting new growth opportunities and building professional relationships with potential partners and investors.
  • Supervised the merger of two organizations, created a new company culture and promoted the launch of products that increased brand recognition and increased revenue.
  • Updated a management database of over 1,500 assets to facilitate inventory checking, product requests, receiving processes, pricing, and labeling.
  • Oversaw annual budgets, and strategic plans and developed policies to improve company culture and enhance profitability.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Oversee accounting functions including payroll, taxes, accounts payable, fixed assets, and special projects. Analyze and improve company processes and maximize ROI, ensuring timely and accurate reporting and compliance with local and federal regulations.

  • Improve ROI by 30% by optimizing several areas of operation.
  • Devise an accurate and automatic weekly reporting system for company finances.
  • Direct all payroll and accounting staff in day-to-day operations, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for new hires.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with Board of Directors and executives, able to justify time- and cost-saving short term expenses with compelling long-term projections.
  • Manage all aspects of annual financial audit and quarterly reviews.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Manage employees on a global scale and deliver the financial budget and driving business initiatives to the senior leadership team. Blend big picture and operational leadership to improve all aspects of performance metrics for business success.

  • Experience running a business with over $1 billion in assets and operation costs.
  • Utilize workforce analytics to establish clear goals and measures of success.
  • Monitor community key performance indicators including service delivery and maintenance benchmarks.
  • Solicit feedback from employees to identify potential problems and improvements.
  • Realized an issue with high employee turnover, and partnered with HR to reduce turnover by 30%.
  • Provided executives weekly project status updates, identifying potential issues and increasing productivity by 25%.

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Entry level

Outlined the enterprise vision and technology roadmaps in liaison with C-level executives. Managed a $20 million budget and directed the execution of Agile methodology across the organization. 

  • Established cross-functional teams of engineers and business analysts/strategists from scratch, providing thought leadership and building a culture anchored on responsibility.
  • Conducted in-depth analysis of technological trends, leveraging findings to furnish executives with valuable insights.
  • Leveraged negotiation skills in securing cost-effective prices for the purchase of I.T. Equipment and software, achieving savings of up to $50,000 annually.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Entry level

Implemented strategic plans, streamlined company operations based on stakeholders’ feedback, and review regulatory documentation monthly. Coordinated with administrative assistants to organize weekly priorities, resolve internal conflicts, and prepare new agendas for upcoming executive meetings.

  • Managed a team of 120 employees in a busy retail research and analysis firm, focusing on fostering change in company culture to be more transparent and accountable.
  • Led monthly meetings with the Board of Directors while overseeing all company operations.
  • Increased organization funding by 45% within the first year by drafting grants and working closely with the existing executive team to stabilize the business and sustain growth.
  • Provided final reviews of scheduling and payroll and ensured the Human Resources department complied with core hiring responsibilities and staffing requirements.
  • Strived for constant growth among the management team and general staff, ensuring the company met all legal requirements throughout regular operations.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Steered the company’s financial planning and growth, including formulating critical financial and accounting policies. Established risk identification and mitigation frameworks and outlined strategies for cost reduction.

  • Merged departmental functions and streamlined accounting system, achieving $70,000 in annual savings.
  • Established an improved reporting framework that reduced the time taken to file returns from 10 to 6 days.
  • Conceptualized and implemented strategic changes to the safety program, reducing worker’s compensation expenses by $10,000 annually (a 15% increase in annual savings).

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Oversaw the operations of a large retail chain. Created innovative techniques to increase productivity of store operations and generate income.

  • Organized to-do lists for department managers to follow.
  • Designated roles and responsibilities to various staff members and ensured that tasks be completed on time.
  • Mapped out strategies to drive sales growth and bring in profits.
  • Implemented new technologies for staff members to use.
  • Trained and mentored department managers and instructed managers on the training process for their subordinates.
  • Interviewed potential employees and carried out hirings and firings.
  • Attended conventions and worked in tandem with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to represent company.

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Enhanced value addition to client accounts through strategic technology and business transformation. Worked closely with C-level executives in defining strategies in line with organizational requirements and long-term objectives. Provided recommendations for cutting infrastructure acquisition expenses. 

  • Designed an operations management system that saved 100 person-hours per week by automating frequently-performed tasks, achieving $2000 in savings per day.
  • Developed strategic I.T. budgets that saved $150,000 per year for R&D, creating room for the development of 2 new programs that grew revenues by 15%.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Worked closely with the Board of Directors to encourage innovative strategies both in the long and short-term. Built a solid management team to successfully position the company as the national leader in the sector and supported the creation of aggressive product development and marketing initiatives to drive growth and higher sales.

  • Facilitated process improvement by allowing the organization to scale effectively in multiple sectors, including procurement, fulfillment, marketing, and technology.
  • Increased company revenue by 250% in 36 months by driving a more advanced performance data analysis across different marketing channels. Directly supervised new marketing strategies to ensure full-scale implementation and constant improvements.
  • Monitored competitive markets, oversaw the evaluation of the company’s financial, sales, and marketing structures, and planned improvements to increase operational efficiency.
  • Reduced stagnation of various underperforming departments through regular auditing activities and weekly meetings with team leaders.
  • Managed a team of more than 450 employees in 5 different locations throughout the nation while ensuring compliance with local and state regulations as well as all legal requirements for the company.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Entry level

Managed the company’s financial and budget planning in line with the growth objectives. Worked closely with the executive team in outlining and implementing the company’s mission. Defined key performance metrics and developed risk mitigation strategies. 

  • Achieved $10 million in savings through the implementation of cost-cutting strategies. 
  • Streamlined the internal audit function by implementing strategic financial analysis systems, including SAP ERP software.
  • Introduced staff bonus programs, growing revenue by at least 10% annually for five consecutive years since 2013.

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